Anticipating the entry into force of the EuP Lot 6 standard to reduce power consumption during stand-by electrical appliances in 2010, Panasonic announced that its range of professional projectors complies with the new directive.

Panasonic PT-LB90NT

From the LCD of level basic until them projectors with system of 3 chips DLP, Panasonic has decided anticipate is to the standard EuP Lot 6 of reduction of consumption that will enter in force the next year, and from now all them products that use energy electric will have a limit standard of 0, 9W of consumption in mode of expected or stand-by. To comply with the regulation, it series LB of projectors from Panasonic is has improved updating is to them models V. Them models PT-LB78V and PT-LB75V replaced to them models previous to the range LB is according the new directive, while them models PT-LB90 and PT-LB90NT, presented recently, the meet from its launch. This value added has special importance for the users end, both if is used in entities public, as schools and universities, or in applications of signaling digital. Them references ecological of them projectors of Panasonic lower the cost total of property to the reduce the costs of operation during its cycle of life. Panasonic works to minimize the environmental impact in all its processes, from the design of the product to its production and distribution. This includes the use of solders without lead, the possibility of change the power of the lamp, the mode of saving in periods of hopes and a packing optimized.

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By • 26 Oct, 2009
• Section: Projection

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