Solaria, the next generation of Christie digital cinema solutions, debuted during ShowEast in Orlando with the launch of Christie CP2220 digital cinema projector.

Until the day 29 is can see in one of them older events international dedicated to the industry of the film, ShowEast'09 (Orlando, Florida), the next generation of solutions of cinema digital of Christie. Dubbed Solaria, this new generation Christie CP2220 begins with the launch of the digital cinema projector. This projector features technology DLP Cinema's next generation of Texas Instruments and a half block 2K / 4K integrated optional. The projectors from cinema digital 4 K of next generation of Christie will offer a resolution of 4096 by 2160 pixels. At the same time that remains the backup to external servers 2K, these new models allow exhibitors to project easily contained 2K and 4K, offering the largest range of digital cinema options. Christie CP2220 shows at the booth of Christie in ShowEast running with an integrated media block of Doremi. The CP2220 of Christie is the first of the new series of projectors from cinema digital that also includes the Christie CP2210 and the Christie CP2230. Christie CP4220 Christie CP4230, also announced in June, 4K projectors premium of the company and are among the brightest in the world (like the 2230, the 4230 is able to emit more than 30,000 lumens on larger screens and offers stunning 3D images). All next-generation Christie digital cinema projectors still use technology Christie Brilliant3D that provides the ultimate experience in 3D with the lowest cost of operation. 2K y 4K Ready Craig Sholder, VP of solutions of entertainment of Christie, has commented that "Christie has vowed to support its clients today and in the future. That is the main engine behind our 2 K and 4 K Ready solutions. We have expanded our line of solutions of digital cinema, which is the favourite of the industry, to provide the greatest flexibility to exhibitors, offering them maximum freedom to choose from the widest range of 2 K and 4 K resolution projectors, as well as to provide them with the option of choosing between a half block external or integrated one. To difference of others solutions proprietary, the technology of Christie is designed to work with all them servers external of cinema, to while will continue working with them companies that offer half blocks integrated. We are aware of how important that is for exhibitors to safeguard its long-term technology investments. "With Christie, the exhibitors can be sure of that have a solution proven for the future that can meet their needs of today and tomorrow." Brian Claypool, Manager senior of product of the division solutions of entertainment of Christie, has added that "the experience of Christie with the chip 1.2" DLP Cinema in our current products of power medium and high us has given an advantage on the competition in the development of technology 2 K and 4 K of next generation. "Indeed, the chip 4 K DLP Cinema is very similar to the current products 1.2" and not is available in the format more small of chip used by others manufacturers in their projectors of medium power ". All the projectors of the series Christie Solaria are designed to meet the specifications Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI). Feature of a new architecture modular for an operability improved and ease of maintenance, with a cost of operation to a 25% more low that them technologies competing. Recognized for their high light output capability, Christie digital cinema projectors have been selected once again to project all the premieres of major studios in the AMC Theatres during ShowEast. Also in ShowEast, Christie is presenting the latest version of ChristieACT, designed to provide a real integration in cinema operations, ChristieACT offers pre-programmable sequencing, built-in library devices and web-based integration. With ChristieACT, them exhibitors can now control all the operations of cabin from the Palm of your hand.

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By • 28 Oct, 2009
• Section: Projection

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