The Española Promax integrates a Headend Digital To Tv in the cruise ship MV Mein Schiff for the distribution of satellite channels through a network of TDT saving wiring through all the ship.

He cruise MV Mein Schiff, previously called MV Celebrity Galaxy and renovated recently in the shipyards of Bremerhaven (Germany), has integrated a new header Digital To TV of the Spanish Promax. This new facility allows you to distribute all the transatlantic 2.681 passenger several television channels by satellite. Thanks to the Digital To TV, these channels are converted to DTT and the owner of the Cruiser can save equip each cabin of a satellite receiver with consequent savings in wiring along the 260 meters of length of the ship. Is more, as them televisions of the boat already have of a receiver DVB-t built-in, not there is no receiver or controls to distance additional in them cabins. With the Digital To TV, has been possible expand the offer of channels of television of form transparent to the users end, that receive channels satellite as if is were of channels DTT normal. In addition, now the shipping company can modify on-site the offer of channels, even during a crossing in high sea, from a computer, thanks to the flexibility of the Digital To TV.

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By • 7 Dec, 2009
• Section: Distribution signals

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