After the success of the first phase SFG opts for continue working in exclusive with projectors Christie. In this case, it has acquired other hundred CP2000 projectors.

Christie has signed with Shanghai United Circuit (a subsidiary of Shanghai Film Group Corporation, SFG) the purchase of one hundred additional Christie DLP Cinema Projectors for the second phase of its digital cinema deployment. The CP2000 series projectors will be installed this year in the halls of this Chinese cinema chain. The success of the first phase of installation projectors Christie has reinforced the decision of SFG only continue with the company. After making a deep and comprehensive analysis of the industry, United Circuit selected series cinema projectors Christie CP2000 to launch its digitization plan. Last year, Christie projectors have had a magnificent performance, offering excellent image quality and at the same time maintaining a low cost of operation. These factors have led the group to continue working with Christie for the second stage of its deployment. Projector most popular digital cinema in the world, Christie CP2000 series, is recognized in the industry by its huge brightness, resolution, color and quality. Currently there are more than 7,000 Christie digital cinema projectors installed worldwide, which constitutes more than 70% of the world of digital cinema industry. Xu Xiaoping, general manager of United Circuit, highlighted that "Christie has fulfilled his promise to provide us with reliable projectors that deliver superior image quality. This exceptional support of Christie has joined. The Team technical of the company is always receptive, ensuring that all their projectors of cinema digital operate without any type of problem in our rooms. We are very pleased with our collaboration with Christie and look forward to continue working together. Our partnership with Christie still ensuring the quality of digital movies from China". For his part, Lin Yu, Vice President of Christie's Asia and Pacific has pointed out that "United Circuit plays an important role in the cinema of China market. The second phase of the digital cinema of SFG plan will improve the quality of digital films in China. We are honored to have been chosen again by SFG to work with United Circuit. Christie will continue to provide a comprehensive support to United Circuit and other Chinese guests, ensuring their transition to digital cinema".

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By • 16 Dec, 2009
• Section: Projection

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