The Teatro Real of Madrid carried out recently the transmission of 'The marriage of Figaro' opera in direct, satellite and high-definition to theaters in Spain and Europe again using Sapec equipment.

The Teatro Real in Madrid took place recently of the opera transmission The marriage of Figaro live, via satellite and HD to cinemas in Spain and Europe again using equipment of Sapec for the generation of the information services and the multiplexing of video, audio and subtitles. Information services (tables) was generated by SIVAC 1000 teams and through the flexibility and functionality of the multiplexer SIVAC MTS generated a Transport Stream multiplexing of the encoded video signal, the format Dolby audio and four streams of subtitles (Spanish, English, French, German) to be broadcast via satellite to several cinemas in Spain and Europe. SIVAC 1000 family is the family of encoders and decoders MPEG 2 SD video and audio of Sapec for transmission by ASI, IP and PDH networks. The system is based on encoders and decoders independent for 1RU height 19 "racks. The multiplexer SIVAC MTS is able to combine up to 8 inputs of Transport Streams (SPTS or MPTS) and has two outputs as WELL. It supports standards MPEG, ATSC and DVB, processing and regenerating their tables. Lets you modify and add parameters to the output tables. Xavic Además de los equipos usados en esta transmisión, el Teatro Real también tiene codificadores de la familia Xavic, compuesta de codificadores y decodificadores profesionales de vídeo y audio en SD y HD multiformato MPEG-2/H.264 que utilizan la más avanzada tecnología y la gran experiencia de Sapec en el diseño de sistemas de codificación de video. Los modelos Xavic incorporan como interfaces de transporte dos puertos IP independientes y opcionalmente interfaz ASI.

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By • 6 Jul, 2011
• Section: Projection, Streaming Media

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