The Valladolid company performs an impressive architectural projection at the International Festival of theatre and arts of street of Valladolid.

Circus, dance, theatre room, and street performances, experimental flamenco, puppets or musical proposals have their place in the International Festival of theatre and arts of street of Valladolid (TAC) held every year in this city. This year, and already in its twelfth edition, proposed star of the Festival has been the spectacle of video mapping Do you swallow or spit?produced by the own CT along with Xtranas productions, and made three projectors Christie LX1500 that together totaled 45,000 lumens power. The main and side facades of the Museo Patio Herreriano (an art center that exposes a large sum of works of contemporary Spanish) were transformed into a giant tapestry in which the works of urban artists, who, using, basically, techniques such as graffiti or stencil, claim artistic recovery of urban space and freedom of expression were projected. For 12 minutes, approximately from each of the sessions, viewers were immersed in a visual tour of various street artists, whose main objective is to attract attention and cause using the double meaning, irony, and the sense of humor. The projection was accompanied by the music of The Ramones, The Clash, Rage Against the Machine and Eminem, among others. The core of the Assembly came from the ideas of the famous graffiti artist Banksy, which advocates for cities belonging to its inhabitants, not only to the powerful characters, and where ideas can express in the paintings on the walls. The screening was conducted during three days in a row, with three passes each night. For the accomplishment of the show, Xtranas productions made a previous measurement of the facades of the Museo Patio Herreriano, on which each of the animations were in 2 and 3 dimensions, with the aim that each one of them perfectly adapted to shapes and volumes of the building. Forms thus exploited and volumes of the façade to create very realistic 3D mapping effects, which transformed the perception of the building, and at times it seems that the buildings are agrietaban, moved, destroyed and built in the eyes of the spectators. "The goal was to create an audiovisual work creative and different, which would complement the proposals put forward for the 12th edition of the Festival," says Alvaro Arribas, director of Xtranas events. "We chose the theme and development of the argument, considering a theme very of today, that to achieve not only the visual impact, but also the complicity with the spectator, who was in charge of loading direction each image and give a specific interpretation to the whole," he added. Deployment technician Technically, the show featured technology of video projection of Christie, in particular with three projectors Christie LX 1500 (3LCD, 15,000 lumens ANSI, XGA native resolution). "This model gave us the brightness required Assembly; not we needed resolution but a good lighting power", says Arribas. Two of the LX1500, located in a marquee in the Museum which had a height and ideal distance from 32 meters above the main façade, projected in panoramic manner as a single image on the main façade of the Museo Patio Herreriano, using optical 1.3-1.0: 1. While another projector, situated on an independent four-metre-high tower, working independently, firing on the side façade from 42 meters, completing the global stage of the event, and loaded with a lens 2.0 - 2.5: 1. A multi-screen presentation software was used to manage projectors and make the blending. The bent central projection was made with a resolution of 2048 x 768 (with an aspect ratio of 8:3), while the independent screening had a resolution of 1024 x 768 (4:3 aspect ratio). 30,000 watts were used to the sound format 3.1, a system that allowed viewers to draw your attention to the Visual spaces of greater prominence. One of the biggest challenges was that space imaging had trees, which forced to locate two projectors of the main façade closely together, creating a distortion of mask on which the animations were created. Although the building had a rectangular shape, the result of the mask were two trapezoids. This was solved with the use of a specific software and the correction option that has own projector. "The truth that the objectives were widely overcome", says Arribas. "Was that the pictures were great quality and variety of colors, perfectly adapted to the morphology of the facades", he adds. "As for projectors, they had a perfect performance," it concludes.

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By • 26 Jul, 2011
• Section: Lighting, Projection

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