Analog Way, specialist in the design and manufacture of mixers and image converters, will be present between January 31 and February 2, 2012 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the fair of audio, video and new technologies, which will unveil its latest proposals for broadcast environments and products presentation.

Analog Way It will present its latest solutions for production and presentation in ISE 2012, which will be a new edition on the premises of the Amsterdam Rai enclosure, between January 31 and February 2, 2012

One of those solutions will be the climber Multiformat Di-VENTIX II, offering 8 universal inputs (4 universal digital or analog inputs and 4 universal analog inputs); in digital image processing from the input to the output; HDCP compatible; 4 layers of live image made up of 4 climbers, output in 2K resolution; SD/HD-SDI, 3 G-SDI or DVI digital and analog inputs V; composite, y/c, YUV and VGA to 2K resolution; 8 complete box images; 8 logos + 1 logo animated; Luma and chroma Key; masks; DSK; degree; Edge Blending with two projectors can do to an image in 4K; and blending horizontally or vertically.

The mixer multilayer high resolution and matrix with 4 reescaladores Eikos, award-winning at ISE 2011 as the "most innovative video processing or distribution product" will also display. The Eikos is a mixer/switch/climber multilayer offering up to 12 posts, including 4 SDI and DVI-d 2 Eikos offers 3 modes of operation: mixer multilayer, matrix native 12 × 2 and modes QuadraVision.

Also, will display the mixer OPS300, with output of program, out of prior and recording video; T-bar in the panel front; up to 2 K resolution; 8 universal analog inputs; 2 digital DVI; 2 SD-HD/SDI, main VGA and DVI; previous VGA output and DVI; exit recording SD/HD-TV analog and SD/HD-SDI; a fixed 2 PIP live Fund; 8 frames and 8 logos; DSK in DVI; titling and chroma Key, blown, cut, bumpers and PIP with movement.

New range of products
Also, Analog Way take ISE 2012 the Smart series, a range of solutions that are designed to offer AV system integrators the best functionality determined the optimal value for money. One of the products of this range is the Smart MatriX, a matrix output native to high resolution video and equipped with four climbers. This unit offers advanced routing and features numerous effects that make it an interesting solution for applications that require visualization of multiple sources of video on multiple screens.

The Smart MatriX offers up to 12 posts, including four for SDI and two DVI-D. Using a 100% digital processing, provides digital and analogue, DVI and VGA (RGBHV) signals respectively, along with a selection of formats ranging from HDTV to HD for computers (Computer 2 K). Smart MatriX unit offers a way of scaling native 12 × 2 continuous switching in that mixture, between any of the 12 entries, can be cut or cast, and can even synchronized to the two outputs.

In addition, offers a series of features PIP (see 2 channels simultaneously on the screen), and can deploy up to 2 PIPs per output, on static backgrounds. The Smart Matrix also has a switch for integrated stereo audio that offers 12 inputs (eight analog + four embedded SDI) and two outputs. On the other hand, it also has an additional auxiliary input can be combined with any of the outputs. The card's output provides formats of video SD or HDTV in several signals, since video composite to HD SDI. Also, through new coupling developed especially by Analog Way (with patent in process), the output of video is can used with any cable.

The ultimate solution that has come to complete the range Smart is the Smart Quad, a HD mixer offering seven universal analog inputs, two equipped with DVI and HD-SDI; It allows the visualization of the four sources of video or computer on the main; the display of the four windows can be made according to 12 different pre-programmed presets; different effects and transitions without cracks and (zoom, cut, fade, wipe, slide, movement soft, etc.); and an output of video that offers formats in SD and HDTV in several signals of video composite to HD-SDI.

Extensive catalog
You can also see in Amsterdam mixer high resolution and conmutadir with 2 climbers multilayer press, that features all-digital process. This high quality solution and very easy to use is specially adapted for projection on large screens, Conference halls and places of worship. Press counts with 10 tickets direct, 2 DVI and 2 SDI. In mixer mode, press may have 2 direct sources and persdonalizarlas with several attributes. Integrated audio mixer has 12 inputs (analog 8-4 embedded SDI) and 2 outputs.

Also, it will be the remote high range Axion2, which has a completely redesigned architecture to better respond to the needs of the applications live. Axion2 is compatible with the new generation Analog Way of mixers. The machines can be controlled as independent processors or in combination, including Edge Blending soft configurations. Axion2 can control up to 6 display settings in different places (single display or multiple projectors edge Blending mode) and storing up to 90 presets for each configuration screen. Thanks to the way Sequences, series of presets can be created in a maximum of nine sequences.

Finally, Analog Way will be exhibiting at ISE console Orchestra, a remote control of powerful, intuitive and ergonomic, designed to manage separate or simultaneously several mixers as Di-VentiX II, OPS300, OPS200, Pulse, SmartVu and its Light Editions, as well as the new mixers Analog Way Eiks, Smart Matrix and its Light Editions, Smart Edge and Smart Quad. The mixers can be controlled as separate boxes or any combination, including Edge Blending. Once connected to the analog mixers Analog Way, the Orchestra can control up to 6 display settings in different places (single display or multiple projectors in soft Edge Blending mode) and store up to 64 presets for each configuration screen.

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