Dekom Visual Solutions (formerly ViDOFON) offers an extensive portfolio of professional solutions in the areas of configuration and videoconferencing facilities and infrastructure in high definition with a funding program to 0% leasing.

Dekom Visual SolutionsSpecializing in videoconferencing solutions and digital signal transmission, offers a leasing program to 0% financing on their telepresence. The new leasing program offers an economical way to modernize infrestructuras communication. This formula has been designed so that companies can through a fixed monthly fee, get the latest technology without being subject to capital without the need for a large outlay.

El buque insignia de las soluciones de telepresencia de esta compañía es el modelo Media Presence System, un sistema de conferencias representativo que responde a las más altas exigencias. Todos los componentes están armonizados e integrados en el panel de pared y encajan en una imagen conjunta y elegante. Cámaras y pantallas están detrás de unas pantallas de cristal tintado que a su vez hacen las funciones de altavoces y unen todos los elementos de la pared multimedia.

The conference, image and audio work without noise, hidden in the back. All functions are centralized in a single control system for easy handling of all individual functions. The Media Presence System can be used in different environments with one or two monitors and custom options.

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By • 2 Dec, 2011
• Section: Telepresence / videoconferencing

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