AMX, the provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance and use of technology to create effective environments, will be present at Integrated Systems Europe 2012 to show the innovations that the company's success is based.

From January 31 to February 2, 2012 will be held in Amsterdam RAI from the Dutch capital 2012 ISE Integrated Systems Europe, the fair of products for audio, video and new technologies. AMX Returns to participate once again in this important event, showing their latest products.

The star of the stand will be the new Digital Generation System Enova DGX 16 and arrays Enova DGX 32 for transmission of analog signals, digital, IP, USB and control by a single UTP cable, that resolve the problems related to the HDCP.

DGX Enova systems 16 and 32 break the limits of arrays of switching modular to incorporate an integrated controller NetLinx and an Ethernet switch, so that users can manage, monitor and control entire solution, including the connected sources and displays located by all the building, all from a single point of control. With the powerful combination of the conversion from analog to digital, the scaling of video and high-speed digital switching, this hybrid system always provides perfect video, regardless of the type of signal.
Installers can now easily integrate HDCP in their system designs and enjoy seamless plug-and-play. No tools, no delays, and no limitations of connections of devices, thanks to the unique technology of AMX InstaGate Pro.

In addition to eliminating delays HDCP, InstaGate Pro allows that sources with limitations of connection can switch freely to HDCP-compliant screens, thus eliminating the limitations of HDCP connections to large size applications. And thanks to integrate SmartScale technology at every exit, the video is scaled to the perfect size of automatically for each display connected, preventing the loss of video quality that occurs when the sources and the screens have different supported resolutions.

The Enova DGX 16 and 32 are equipped with a full set of cards interchangeable hot that it can be used together with the transmitters and receivers DXLink to create a distribution system of most - punta transmitting analog signals, digital, including HDMI with HDCP, as well as Ethernet, power and control up to 100 meters over a twisted pair cable.

The future of AV solutions
The new Enova DVX-3150HD, a new selector "all-in-one" which has advanced technology for the distribution of end-to - end Full HDCP HDMI signals, with the simplicity of analogue, and without interruptions or restrictions through the InstaGate Pro technology will also display. The hybrid system is a complete solution for control, audio and video, all in the space of 3 rack units.

The AMX DVX-3150HD is a switch (switcher) all-in-one of 10 × 4, which is also controller, climber, transcoder and a converter with built-in professional audio processing. This "future-ready" solution easily integrated HDCP in the designs of systems providing a plug-and-play connectivity for seamless audio and video in digital as analog. It simplifies installations to eliminate the restrictions of HDCP, sending HDCP signals to all screens and without interruptions or delays.

Designed to simplify the design of systems and provide a solution to future entries test video of the DVX-3150HD multi-format support sources, digital, analog and HDMI with HDCP. Professional audio DSP provides a quality audio throughout the room. It is integrated into technology SmartScale video outputs conform to the perfect size for each connected display, removed so the challenges of integration which can occur when the sources and the screens have different optimal resolutions, making the DVX-3150HD easy to specify, easy to install and easy to use.

New family of modern touch panels
AMX will also present the new series of moderated X tactile panels, a family of frameless, with panoramic touchscreen panels wide, glass up to the rim, design of low profile, and with more usable space for the control, applications, video and a fuller user experience. Panoramic models are available in 20. 3″ diagonal screen, measures never seen so far of 47.5 cm long by 19.7 cm in height and more than 942 cm² of floorspace for control; and 19. 4″ diagonal, with 47.5 cm wide and 13 cm high with more than 624 cm² of usable control surface.

Models of 20. 3″ and 19. 4″ are available both in the version for desktop and embedded in wall. Desktop models are specifically designed with very low profile to reduce to a minimum the possibility of the touch panel to obstruct the vision of the user. Wall models can be used on lecterns or outside the Conference rooms to show a schedule of room, digital signage and even a way to communicate with the staff of the building. In portrait mode, the display of the modern X offers a control surface with a cutting-edge aesthetic and unlimited audiovisual and interactive features for corporate environments.

Designed for the unique needs of enterprise customers, the modern X series is equipped with a hardware ready to use new technologies, specifically designed to conform to the technical requirements of the meeting rooms, spaces for meetings and end users. It integrates a high-definition camera for video chat and video conferencing, Bluetooth and external USB connections for phones, streaming high-definition video and support for the new standard NFC (Near Field Communications).

Almost any device control
Also, with ICSLan (ICSLan Device Control Boxes) device Control boxes will be displayed. These compact units allow users to connect devices over Ethernet that normally can not be connected in this way, including projectors, screens, lights and blinds, through a standard cable twisted pair for its remote management through a NetLinx controller. Practically any device controlled by IR, RS-232, I/O or relays can be connected to an IP network and be managed, regardless of whether the device is in the room of the side or anywhere in the world.

Device Control boxes with ICSLan dan AV integrators and administrators a simple and cost-effective solution to simplify the management of "all" of the building or home. the compact units enable a NetLinx controller can manage many more devices than the number of ports on the controller.

Although the technology that connects devices non-IT to an IP network is not completely new, what is new is the ease with which the ICSLan Device Control Boxes allow to happen. Because they are native units NetLinx, programming is easy, no codes or special commands. To further facilitate the installation, device control boxes have Power over Ethernet (PoE), this feature eliminates the need for a power supply at the installation site.

Easy adjustment of the modules
Another highlight will be the presentation of the expansion of the range of solutions of HydraPort connection. New additions to the line HydraPort include mounted units flush with surface of 6, 9 or 12 modules, which still retain the versatile modularity of HydraPort system that lets users connect, in a simple manner, laptops and other mobile devices via audio, video, Ethernet, USB, power and control connectors. They also have a few rings of 2 inch and ¾ inch posed practical solutions with style to bring the wires through any mounting surface.

HydraPort Connection Ports of 6, 9 or 12 modules are completely configurable, allowing installers to easily adjust modules to the specific needs of any room AV and power. These include individual modules of HDMI connection, RGB audio and převodník, Ethernet and USB, as well as power modules that comply with the regulations of United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and the India. Elegant units fit almost flush with the surface, which luminaires, such as desks, tables and lecterns, and occupy a space is very limited, even with the lid open. Users can connect and control laptops, projectors, document cameras, DVD players, audio equipment and other support devices.

Modular mounting allows users to easily change connections as your requirements evolve making HydraPort Connection Ports a solution prepared for future types of connections that have not been developed.

As support to line HydraPort Connection Ports AMX launches the utility online HydraPort Connection Preview (HCP), a web application that is easy to use to virtually configure connections modules. The HCP guides installers to design its port of ideal connection according to your specific needs. HCP also controls the allocation of space and advises the installer on compatibility and capacity problems. Likewise, it allows the installer to save and store a configuration for reuse at a later date, print a visual reference of the arrangement of the modules with information of the project, or the details of the work, and details all the parts needed to make this configuration.

Resource management software
Finally, AMX, will unveil the software of management of resources Resource Management Suite (RMS) Enterprise, characterized by its capabilities of remote management of equipment from a control panel easy to use, which facilitates the centralization of the management and control of audiovisual equipment, lighting, air conditioning and other features of a building.

This new version of the RMS Enterprise software offers unprecedented scalability. Capable of its implantation in a farm of servers with a maximum of 11 servers, management of up to 3,000 locations of facilities for prevention of failed servers to ensure redundancy and server uptime. RMS Enterprise is extremely innovative to include the integration of farms of servers, load balancing, redundancy, LDAP, audit and much more.

RMS Enterprise has a desktop application (dashboard) based on widgets with graphics and navigation improved, including charts, Hotlists, extended support devices, power control, and much more. The new and improved dashboard is designed to make it easier for AV managers and IT proactively monitor AV devices, thus avoiding failures and receive immediate notifications to correct unforeseen events.

RMS Enterprise increases energy awareness to provide a platform for energy saving, to propose sustainable measures to automate energy efficiency, minimize the carbon footprint and prolong the service life of the devices. The software goes beyond data collection, since it uses the power of Adobe Flex, automatically, extract and display the data graphically in a multitude of ways.

RMS Enterprise se licencia a usuarios finales a través de los distribuidores autorizados de AMX. AMX dispone también un nuevo Acuerdo de Mantenimiento de Software para ofrecer en tiempo real las actualizaciones de software y el acceso a un especializado equipo de asistencia técnica en RMS. Este contrato de mantenimiento es de validez anual.

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