Fresh, a unique firm belonging to the multinational LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton, French luxury goods has decided to bet on multi-sensory experiences for his store in New York, recently renovated, and it has resorted to two Christie MicroTiles displays with the aim of introducing new trends in the distribution industry.

The Fresh beauty brand has renewed its most emblematic store, located at Union Square in New York, with the collaboration of digital signage solutions from Christie. Two innovative displays Christie MicroTiles complement them four ' environments ' interactive of the store, designed to stimulate the ear, the view, the smell, the taste and the touch. Also, the colors bright, images crisp and surfaces attractive to the touch of MicroTiles invite to them customers to stay is more time in the shop e interact.

Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, founders of the brand Fresh, have commented that "wanted to give a new air to Fresh, not only visually, but with regard to textures, as well as revitalize their values fundamental, that are reflection of a respect by the tradition, the innovation and of a wish by count stories." We love the form in that Christie MicroTiles is blends perfectly with the architecture of the store and our products. Not are the typical screens brilliant and too striking of plasma or LCD, but contribute to the environment an elegance contained that contributes to the experience immersive and sensory of the environment. "After install Christie MicroTiles in our flagship store of Union Square, the idea is implement them in all our stores, of them USA to Asia".

Installation, Materials & Methods work, has had the technical expertise of Christie and follow original designs of the mats LLC architecture Studio. The innovative space of Fresh integrates harmoniously the modern technology of Christie MicroTiles with parts original authentic and of the ' old world ', as a lamp Pendant light customized, walls papered with designs exclusive and a ' bar sensory ' with ' taps ' of fragrances discontinued so them customers can fill small bottles craft with their perfumes favorite. These environments unique and innovative of the shop is found surrounded by of materials ecological and of a lighting LED of great efficiency energy.

A new concept store
For Caleb Mulvena, director and co-founder of mats LLC, initially the study should conceive and develop a totally new store concept for Fresh. "Christie MicroTiles was the only visual element Fresh considered indispensable for its stores, by its elegance, architectural quality and match Pantone colors, an element of great visual impact with unpretentious quality."

Christie MicroTiles solution includes a narrative video wall of 3 cubes wide by 8 high (1, 20 m x 2, 40m) located at the bottom of the shop, and a display of 9 cubes in the front. Both displays are visible from the street, inviting passers-by to enter. The display of 9 quadrants continues a new uniform pattern of 'screen-hollow-screen-hole' that immediately draws attention. This half-wall is a mobile canvas where Fresh stories come to life through new film and video content. In addition, guests will find more information about the origin and the advantages of Fresh products at thanks to a few iPads available to them.

"It ' invisibility magic ' of Christie MicroTiles makes that is integrate to the perfection in the space, with what those customers not is set in the technology but in them contained", has added Mulvena. His pictorial quality "allows to perfectly convey the message of Fresh to customers, helping them to focus on content but not divert your attention from the decoration or products. Unlimited MicroTiles resolution, which allows approaching the screen and read like who does it on a sheet of paper, facilitates their integration into more intimate spaces".

Almost invisible technology
Jeff Grantz, specialist in facilities dynamic of devices of Materials & Methods, worked with the team of design of Fresh in the integration of those devices MicroTiles in the space. "Fresh not had thought include signaling digital, since the monitors of video, as screens flat and of plasma, lack of the elegance that requires the brand." Ended up choosing MicroTiles because its technology keeps the look natural of their ingredients and products. It was a very sleek space, a kind of modern pharmacy. MicroTiles was the only technology that could handle digital video and integrated without stridency in the environment. In the end, what we wanted was to show images and videos of great beauty, without that technology was evident. "The customers were fascinated with the result end and, thanks to Christie, the installation of MicroTiles was one of them projects more easy that have tackled never", has designated Grantz.

Joe Graziano, director of development of market of Christie MicroTiles for Europe, East half and Africa, has commented that "by its prolonged life useful and low cost of operation and maintenance, Christie MicroTiles fits perfectly in the philosophy ecological's Fresh." "Its exclusive design modular allows reconfiguration with the time and adapt them to a broad fan of spaces to transmit messages compelling and visually attractive". With a great shine and a Board of union of just 1 mm, Christie MicroTiles offers multiple configurations suitable to the needs of those customers who aspire to show videos of quality, in any shape and size (from a few to tens of meters).

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By • 5 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage, Display

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