The airports of Madrid, Asturias, Bilbao, great Canaria and Tenerife South have bet by the service of digital signage of onthespot, it company of content of the group telephone specialist in activation of the point of sale, that has installed a network of signaling digital composed by attractive videowalls, marquees and screens integrated.

Spanish airports are one of the most attractive places to transform into digital outdoor advertising, especially when digital media are integrated into the architecture of the Terminal following the traveller both at the time of departure and at the time of arrival, getting a virtually optimum potential impact, not only for travelers, but for the public in the airport.

The solution implemented by Telefónica covers all the cycle of life of a project of Marketing dynamic with a solution 360 °: from the consulting initial, choice and implementation of devices, up to the development, production and
integral maintenance of the communication channel, thanks to its own unique technological platform capable of managing the operation of the service in a centralized and efficient manner. In addition, onthespot content creation Department was also responsible for the development of the autopromocionales content of the "Welcome to the future" campaign, which have served to Publimedia to capture to their advertisers.

The screens, strategically located by onthespot in the airport terminals, have been installed and properly adapted in different areas taking advantage of the space available at each airport emission. Thus, the area of the Terminal 4 of Madrid Barajas airport arrivals is surprised by a huge video wall and one smaller size in the waiting area of the travellers who have just landed. The outputs have vertical muppis of large-format, a video wall in the escalator access to the doors of boarding and screens integrated with information outputs, mandatory consultation in almost all cases, which facilitates the possibilities of impact. A tour designed in exclusive to cover the areas with greater influx of public.

T4 of Barajas
In them last months, onthespot has led to out a large of this project in the T4, installing two new videowalls of 5 × 5 in the area of shipments, two structures of 5 meters of height with 25 monitors of 46 inches, currently one of them stands digital more shocking of our country.

Publimedia exploits advertising the circuit of digital signage, managing the advertising and them spaces to the emission of spots of 4 advertisers to the same time, guaranteeing to all them the exclusivity in your category of product. So, this network is converts in a powerful tool of marketing that allows keep a communication direct with them travelers and all the public that goes to them airports, getting an important saving of costs in the management of campaigns and providing not only an image modern and attractive to the environment airport, but also to the brands that is announce in them.

El servicio de marketing dinámico que onthespot presta a los aeropuertos españoles forma parte de un amplio catálogo de soluciones diseñadas para activar el punto de venta. A través de una plataforma tecnológica propia, onthespot ofrece servicios de comunicación digital y contenidos audiovisuales que permiten a las empresas comunicarse de forma efectiva con sus clientes finales en todos sus puntos de relación, mejorando su experiencia de compra y aumentando la rentabilidad.

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By • 5 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage

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