The Toyota Fun Vii - Vehicle Interactive Internet - which was presented at the Tokyo Auto show, is a prototype that advances a future where people, cars and society will be interconnected. Is a vehicle that uses all the bodywork as area of display and shows the information of navigation through reality augmented.

Toyota Fun Vii or 'Toyota Fun Vehicle Interactive Internet' is one of the concept presented by the Japanese manufacturer in the 2011 Tokyo show. Toyota Fun Vii advances a networked future and displays, thanks to their customization functions, messages and other information in your interior and exterior as simple as an application downloads.

The concept presented by the Japanese brand has a length of 4,020 meters long, wide 1,745, 1,415 of alto and a wheelbase of 2,750 meters. It features a quite futuristic design in which all the bodywork is used as a 'Showcase' and both the color and the displayed contents can change at will. In addition, the personalization features offer the possibility to show messages or other information on the outside and inside of the Fun-Vii, with the same ease with which an application is downloaded.

The interior can also function as a display area and can be modified at will. Both the content and the navigation information merge perfectly with the interior, thanks to the technology of augmented reality. There is also a Wizard of navigation that provides information to passengers on aspects of driving.

A muchas de las funciones del Fun–Vii se puede acceder de forma remota mediante un smartphone o cualquier otro dispositivo de comunicación móvil. Por último, existe una función de actualización de red que controla que las versiones del software del sistema de conducción, control y multimedia del vehículo estén siempre actualizadas. El Fun Vii se puede comunicar con otros vehículos y posibles obstáculos con el fin de minimizar accidentes.

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By • 5 Dec, 2011
• Section: Augmented reality

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