Showglass, manufacturer points of multimedia information, tactile displays and interactive multimedia displays company, has developed a new interactive information points with and without keyboard having an external vinyl plain white color, completely covering the point, allowing easy customization by the customer.

Showglass ha añadido a su catálogo de productos un nuevo punto de información multimedia con pantalla táctil interactiva. Este punto de información interactivo se diferencia del resto por la posibilidad de hacer un modelo concreto para cada cliente. Eso es posible gracias al sistema de vinilado completo del punto de información en color blanco liso, con lo que el cliente puede realizar el diseño completamente a su gusto, haciendo que su quiosco multimedia tenga una presencia completamente corporativa y personalizada.

These data points have interactive touch screen (optional). With interactive touch screen customers can implement any type of multimedia application because the information point has a compact industrial computer at the base. Therefore, you can customize the information desk on the outside and also with its content with a full screen application.

In this series of manufacturing models they have been implemented information point with anti vandal integrated keyboard, which is possible to implement contact forms where the user leaves your personal data. The keyboard is metallic and on the right side has a trackball (mouse or mouse) that facilitates navigating the application, featuring a striking combination of white with black kiosk metal keyboard.

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By • 7 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage, Display

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