The Toyohashi University of technology, in Japan, scientists have created a robot that allows you to get some experience of telepresence melee for use in Conference calls.

The Toyohashi University of technology (Japan) has developed a robot that allows to transmit the user remotely the movements of your body. With a special belt and using the body as a controller, the robot can be directed to distance.

Flexible belt sensors detect the direction and angle of the movement of the user, allowing the robot to react and move in that direction. A laser scanner detects obstacles in the visual field of the robot and sends its location to the user with sensors that vibrate on your belt.

Thanks to special glasses also receives images of what sees the robot, in a range of equal or greater coverage than the human view, doing so literally the person is stuck in the body of the robot. The camera that has the robot is stereoscopic, by what can perceive with accuracy the depth of the image that we see of the robot thanks to them glasses.

Sin lugar a dudas, esto marca un excelente avance en materia de telepresencia, puesto que lo logrado en la Universidad Tecnológica de Toyohashi abrirá las puertas a nuevas ideas que acelerarán el desarrollo de esta tecnología.Se planea usar el robot en teleconferencias y para practicar deportes remotamente.

Nuevo robot de telepresencia

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By • 9 Dec, 2011
• Section: Telepresence / videoconferencing

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