Vaddio, company specialized in PTZ cameras and control systems, has presented the new CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCam document camera, mounted in ceiling, which allows you to read documents in great detail for use in presentation and video conferencing applications.

The new CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCam document cameras system of Vaddio provides extension and sizing in high definition to the objects, documents or drawings. The HD-18 CeilingVIEW DocCam replaces the document CeilingVIEW HD camera, and has an optical zoom lens from 18 x to improve the details and a greater ability to zoom, and a CCD image sensor of 1.3 megapixels with LUX of 1.8 for better quality in low light. You can choose between the resolutions of HDTV through the system of fast connection or analog RGBHV output rear camera box.

Sheeley, President of Vaddio, Rob has stated that "our technology ClearView HD-18 for the new high definition document camera allows us to not only capture more capacity, but also a sensor CCD for high quality reproduction of exceptional colour and detail in very high resolutions".

El nuevo sistema ofrece las opciones Quick-Connect Short Range (SR) y Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI SR. La CeilingVIEW HD-18 con Quick-Connect SR dispone de salidas de componente HD (YPbPr) a 720p, 1080i o 1080p y la versión con Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI SR con salidas simultáneas de componente HD y DVI / HDMI a 720p, 1080i o 1080p. Ambas cámaras también ofrecen la opción de resoluciones RGBHV de 1024 x 768, 1280 x 720 o 1680 x 1050 a 60 Hz. También es posible agregar el controlador de imagen CCU a cualquiera de los sistemas CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCam para poder ajustar la ganancia de rojo y azul, gamma, croma, rodilla, pedestal, iris y ganancia.

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By • 9 Dec, 2011
• Section: Telepresence / videoconferencing

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