Charmex International puts to disposition of the market educational three solutions oriented to the classroom digital: the slate digital interactive StarBoard, the projector LCD UltimateiPJ-AW250NM, both of Hitachi, and the system of participation TurningPoint from Turning Technologies.

Them slates interactive have driven the growth and the renewal methodological in them classrooms throughout the last 10 years. As well as encouraging flexibility, spontaneity and the integration of the students in the class, the POI represents a natural extension of the tools that are already in use in business, such as interactive participation systems and projectors that act as PDIs.

In this scenario, Charmex proposes to the market education it slate digital interactive StarBoard and the projector LCD UltimateiPJ-AW250NM of Hitachi, and participation TurningPoint system of Turning Technologies.

Gerard Usón, head of the Department of interactive solutions of Charmex international, said that "the implementation of any of these three elements of Charmex classroom staged the next step in the evolution of interactive solutions and the world of education-oriented technology".

According to the head of Charmex, evolutionary advancement in the digital classroom-oriented technologies is headed by the Hitachi StarBoard interactive digital Whiteboard; a device equipped with optical sensors that can be used simply with the hands, whose surface shockproof makes it the most resistant of the market, and is also characterized by work up to three users at the same time thanks to its multi-input technology.

Also, the software that includes the PDI StarBoard is very intuitive and easy of use which, for them teachers, is an advantage since put it up and use it is a procedure very fast and simple. "Slate works as a giant tablet, so any file from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or any other interactive application which has been developed in open source can be used by the StarBoard," says Uson.

Training in the use of the POIs by teachers remains one of the unfinished business sector. According to Uson, a good number of educators who use POIs is usually a low exploitation of the possibilities of interactive whiteboards because of insecurity or because nobody has explained to them how to use them. To solve this problem, Charmex has launched an ambitious plan of training free which is taught online, and with personal tutor, so that each teacher suits it their needs, more thorough in those aspects that interest you most, and to avoid that interactive whiteboards installed are underused.

A PDI functions
For those users who prefer to install an interactive projection system that works on any flat surface rather than to stay a PDI, Hitachi projector iPJ-AW250NM integrates a set of proven, existing technologies, to create a new, simple and innovative solution that offers most of the advantages of the "whiteboards" without the need to deploy dedicated teams. Whenever a single bare wall is available it will be very easy to operate interactive projector in fast and precise way through an integrated sensor which uses infrared and ultrasonic waves, which transfers information to be controlled by the HITACHI Starboard software, which can be included in the customer's own interactive package or replace it.

Unlike the possibility to use their hands to control the function of digital whiteboard that allows the StarBoard, the iPJ-AW250NM uses only one Interactive Pen that transfers information from the activity that occurs on the Board, at the time that access management tools, interactive flash files and the common elements of the classroom. Improved function of the perfect fit of the system software now offers the possibility of adjusting the projector by eight points, guaranteeing perfect images and interactivity. Also, the software of management that incorporates the series Ultimate allows the control of multiple projectors on the network facilitating, of this mode, the monitoring and the address of facilities equipped with with several teams.

The intelligent design of iPJ-AW250NM manages to optimize the flow of cold air to your surroundings; an aspect that, in combination with other factors as the made of be built with parts of long life useful, the incorporation of a filter hybrid, and a lamp whose life exceeds them 5000 hours, converted to the new device of projection interactive of Hitachi in the solution more versatile, economic, and friendly with the environment of the market.

Performance improvement
Complementing the offer more advanced and versatile for the classroom digital, Charmex proposes the solution TurningPoint of Turning Technologies; interactive response system which is able to create a unique learning environment, eliminates the manual correction of the tasks, and contributes significantly to the improvement of the performance of pupils. TurningPoint is a completely interactive solution, the most advanced of its kind and more easy to use that it brings responses and immediately converts results in scores of tests, charts, and graphs. The versatility of TurningPoint provides decisive support to education to be able to significantly increase the level of interactivity between the teaching professional and students.

In this sense, Gerard Uson said that "the interactive response system makes a real difference because with this technology, the subjects of math, reading and science, increase their respective shares hit around 50%." Also , TurningPoint is applicable to all kinds of fields of study and levels of education both in schools and universities and institutes. In all, TurningPoint is the only interactive voting system that integrates one hundred percent with Microsoft Windows applications, giving you the ability to create, express and evaluate without having to leave the program presentations.

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By • 14 Dec, 2011
• Section: Training

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