Kinetic has published the manual Global Digital Out-of-Home Handbookcovering the global context of digital signage technology, including market sizes, growth rates, media owners, formats, environment, research and creative innovation. The document highlights that the DOOH currently represents 7% of the total investment of the advertising industry and that China and the USA are the main markets worldwide, with Spain holding the seventh position.

The company's outdoor advertising Kinetic Worldwide has announced the launch of a new edition of its Global Digital Out-of-Home Handbook, a manual on the field of digital signage supported by The Screen, a forum for the industry of digital signage based on the United Kingdom involved in the exchange of information for the global creative community.

The media DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) have experienced strong growth over the past decade, with global revenues planned for 2014 that would exceed the mark of 10,000 million dollars. This rapid growth represents a new challenge for the industry in providing opportunities and create a critical stage for investment, flexibility, and integration with other media and technologies.

The Kinetic manual covers the whole of the global context of the Digital Out-of-Home, including market sizes, growth rates, media owners, formats, environment, research and creative innovation. Each regional environment is accompanied by the point of view of Kinetic on its development.

The paper quantifies that the Out-of-Home Digital currently represents 7% of all OOH worldwide investments and that China and the United States are the main markets, with revenues, respectively, 2.730 and more than 1,100 billion dollars, followed by United Kingdom (157 million), Germany (51 million), Thailand (24.3 million), France (around 20 million - in the report appears one much lower error-figure) and Spain (16.8 million dollars).

* In the box the figures relating to China reflected erroneously as 2.73 billion dollars, when they really are 2,730 million

In addition, the report highlights that China, where the Out-of-Home Digital currently represents almost 36% of OOH media investments, has grown by 90% in 2011. In this section, with respect to the percentage of turnover of the Out-of-Home Digital within turnover in outdoor advertising, Kinetic data show that in Spain the DOOH represents only 3% of the total turnover, putting our country in the twelfth since around the world.

Kinetic manual also shows examples of creative uses and different formats, proving that the world market has adopted interactive entertainment experiences, developed creative and relevant to the advertiser and the environment that can increase the impact of a brand and create a positive association with it.

Technological innovation is available in many more markets than initially expected, as well as the innovation campaign that used the potential of each market. He is expected that the manual allows media planners have a clearer understanding of the industry and to develop their potential.

Dennis Kuperus, Kinetic digital director, commented that "the Digital Out-of-Home is at a different stage in each of the markets in which we operate. So we are working hard to improve our digital OOH strategy, so that we can develop and advance the concept in all regions. "We are committed to ensure that digital applications to become one of the media with further development and more exciting".

Expanding market
Another study, made by ABI Researchestimates that the global market of digital signage will generate nearly $ 1,300 million in 2010 to 4,500 million in 2016. In the report, Digital Signage Market and Business Case Analysis, They have also included the profits arising from the demand for screens, multimedia players and software, as well as the costs of installation and maintenance of such facilities.

As they explained researchers at ABI Research, the market for digital signage is accelerating in terms of both the number of installed units, and the total revenue generated, while installation costs are decreasing. It is precisely this latter factor which has helped more companies interested in implementing such systems to interact with its customers.

View Manual Global Digital Out-of-Home Handbook 2011

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By • 14 Dec, 2011
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