Shoes & accessories Coolway Valencian company has opened a new store in London, on commercial Street Oxford. All the contents that are broadcast on digital screens spread across the establishment are managed with Tecco Aracast system.

The Spanish company specializing in footwear and accessories Coolway has just opened its first store in London, which will be its flagship in the British capital, one of the most central streets of London, specifically on Oxford Street number 153. Space has more than 400 square meters and aims to become an indispensable place for all lovers of design and the "cool" things.

On the ground floor have been installed a few Photocoolways; spaces as a photocall that enable customers to take pictures and take part in the campaign of the time showing how the store advertising, as a @ autentic @ model.

The snapshots taken in the Photocoolways feed screens present in the shop in shop windows and in the area of box, and you can upload to social networks and the user Coolway to generate Exchange and convert consumers on protagonist. This original Billboard shows so the affinity and interest of the chain of footwear by them media online, essential for communicate is with the target young of spirit to which is direct.

The contents of this photocall, as well as the of promotions, advertising, etc., presented both on monitors inside and in the walls of the entrance/showcase, are managed using the Aracast suite of Tecco. The solution includes modules control, encencido / off monitors, network and monitoring via web of players in real time.

The most notable features of this configuration are in full control of the content from the headquarters of Coolway in Valencia, control the state of each of the players in real time, allowing detection of errors both content and technical real-time and the on / off monitors for energy savings.

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By • 15 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage, Dynamic advertising

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