Dubai International Airport has launched a draft comprehensive service that provides real-time information to passengers. Among these new utilities are four bilingual 'virtual assistants' using the latest augmented reality technology to create the illusion of a real person, transmitting security and brand messages.

Dubai Airports has installed four bilingual 'virtual assistants' international airport in the emirate to inform more than 50 million passengers passing through the grounds each year. These digital signage solutions using audiovisual technology augmented reality to create the illusion of a real person, making the Dubai airport in the Middle East first to use this technology.

These virtual assistants, which have been developed by the management specialist digital signage solutions BTM, Greet and attract passengers from the airport in order to provide information on all the steps that need to perform before entering the security checkpoint and immigration areas.

The technology aims to improve operational efficiency and customer experience at the airport of Dubai to reduce waiting times in areas close to key security checkpoints.

Facilitate travel
En relación con la introducción de esta nueva tecnología, el vicepresidente de Desarrollo de Servicios de Dubai Airports, Sujata Suri, ha afirmado: “Como compañía centrada en el cliente, nos damos cuenta de que es esencial, en medio de nuestro continuo proceso de crecimiento y expansión, que hagamos que la travesía a lo largo de nuestro aeropuerto sea lo más rápida y lo más agradable posible. Al igual que el aeropuerto internacional de Dubai, los asistentes virtuales trabajan 24 horas al día los 7 días de la semana y jugará un papel importante a la hora de ayudarnos a alcanzar esa meta”.

The use of the four virtual assistants, which have been installed for a trial period of three months, help facilitate passenger travel guiding them before and during the time passing through the areas of departures and transfers.

Tensator FZE manager, Abdel Aziz Rahal, explained: "We have worked closely with Dubai Airports team to assess their particular needs and develop a solution that would fit them perfectly. We firmly believe that this solution will become a valuable asset Dubai airport, offering consistent and clear messages and providing passengers with a wealth of information that will help them accelerate their travel time. "

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By • 15 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage, Augmented reality

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