And chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets Turkish Migros Macrocenter use digital signage software C-nario Messenger of YCD Multimedia to manage the network of digital screens that displays contents of promotion.

YCD Multimedia, provider of digital solutions for the business world to the retail, has announced that its signage software digital C-nario Messenger has been implemented in two chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets of Turkey: Migros and Macrocenter. Both chains belong to the Migros Türk group. The displays have been installed and are operated by the Turkish supplier of digital platforms DigiBoard. C-nario Messenger has been developed by C-nario, a company recently acquired by YCD.

The project includes 562 digital screens in 12 stores Macrocenter and 34 stores Migros in Istanbul, showing flashy ads and sexy notifications to buyers. The displays have been located in various areas of each store, as lasa zones of charcuterie, meat, fish, bakery and production departments, as well as in the areas of housing and in the corridors, which are areas that offer a high impact advertising opportunity and fuel consumption at the point of purchase.

All the displays are managed and controlled centrally from Digiboard Istanbul headquarters. The platform C-nario allows downloading and the approval of ads across the Web, giving as a result a fast review and approval process with updates in real time.

Lazar Demisulam, CEO of Digiboard, has ensured that "the displays work as a highly effective communication platform to invite buyers to choose products that are promoted by the digital displays in various places in the store. We see that more and more and more supermarkets and hypermarkets adopt digital signage as a key communication channel with customers."

For his part, Yael Elstein, Vice President of marketing of YCD Multimedia, has commented that "this project is another milestone in our co-operation with Digiboard after our joint projects in Turkish airports. "Digital signage at Migros and Macrocenter networks serve not only as an effective advertising and promotion platform, but also to improve the buyer experience".

C-nario Messenger is a complete software platform of reproduction, distribution and management of digital signage that provides playback of high quality in any format, size and resolution. C-nario Messenger is characterized by its excellent playback engine multi screen, as well as their advanced management, monitoring and control tools. In addition, the system is based on an open architecture, which makes it easy to customize and adapt to the different needs. The innovative content of the system creation tools help to create screens and reduce costs.

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By • 16 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage

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