Aldeasa has changed the graphics of their offers during Christmas giving the content one aspect according to the holidays. Said channel content is managed by ASVideo, in collaboration with Match Network Systems Engineering by players Infochannel 5 of Scala.

ASVideo has changed the graphical channel managed to Aldeasa in the airport shops in Madrid, Málaga, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Naples and Atlanta. The high capacity of the content management solution Infochannel 5 Scala adopted by Aldeasa promotions for channel allows such changes on the overall graphics without having to reprogram the entire layout and a negligible cost in the production of such changes.

ASVideo, in collaboration with Match Network, conducts the development of content on Infochannel 5 of Scala, to report special offers and promotions that Aldeasa has in its stores. Different formats (vertical, horizontal, anamorphic) screen sizes (22 ", 40", 46 ", VideoWall, LEDs) and different contents, make the digital signage solution Infochannel 5 of Scala adopted by Aldeasa is the most effective and suitable for managing your channel.

Los 7 canales de información que existen son: Perfumería, Tabaco, Bebidas, Punto Promocional, Genérico, Cajas y Punto de Información. Todos ellos van dando información sobre las promociones exclusivas tanto de Aldeasa como de los diferentes proveedores. Con esta estructura Aldeasa no pierde la imagen de marca y ofrece esa ventaja a sus proveedores.

The site location information or the Fund, can be changed through a special button on the same site that makes it possible to be changing as Box or information according to the needs of the moment. Readjusting content and promotions being done monthly, with an average 20-30 Special Offers, 8 videos vendor and a promotional point. Thus it is able to give a dynamic and topical to the store character.

See video of the Christmas campaign Aldeasa

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By • 23 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage

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