To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the greater Russia, Alfa Bank, private bank offered Moscow the largest projection 3D video mapping history coinciding with the 864 th birthday of the Russian capital. More than 800,000 people witnessed the spectacular show designed by David Atkins, which combined video projections on the facade of the State University of Moscow, Fireworks and live performances.

On 4 September, day of the city of Moscow, the Russian capital hosted a singular visual event: Alfa-Show 4 d, a splendid show of video projection in at Vorobyevy Gory (Sparrow hills), commemorating the twenty second anniversary of Alfa-Bank, the largest private Russia Bank. For half an hour, the facade of the main building of the Moscow State University was transformed into a giant screen of 25,500 m² before the nearly 800,000 people who were witnesses of an audiovisual show of great beauty.

The alpha-4 d Show was the idea of Alfa-Bank to celebrate its twenty second birthday. Viktor Shkipin, director of Marketing of Alfa-Bank, explained that the entity has a long tradition in the Organization of big celebrations, including performances in the country's legendary Star. "Our choice of support to celebrate the anniversary of Alfa-Bank was not casual. "Convinced that, from the technological point of view, our Bank is a leader in Russia, we opted for the support of most technologically advanced public event we have today: a colossal multi-dimensional video projection", declares.

The design of the show was the work of director David Atkins, organizing public events, and your company, David Atkins Enterprises (DAE). Atkins has produced shows such as the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Vancouver and Sydney, the Shanghai World Expo and the Asian Games in Doha. The preparations for this custom, first Atkins in Russia, have led several months.

Large projections
The technical execution of the visual component of the show corresponded to ETC, a company known for how he has managed to apply their rich experience in mapping video to large scale video projections. ETC team used this time also the power intensity of projectors Christie 3-chip DLP, putting on the ground a total of 81 projectors for Alfa-Show 4 d: a record in the current video mapping industry. Fifteen projectors Christie Roadie HD+30K with 30,000 ANSI lumens-luminous flux intensity, and 66 projectors Christie Roadster s + 20 k 20.000 ANSI lumens of intensity, covered the entire façade, including its lateral surfaces. The projectors were divided into several groups, settling at some towers built for this purpose for the occasion and riding different distances and angles along the flanks of the main building, on the roof of the central portico and the Lounge's central computer located in the highest Tower, about six meters above the boxes.

The projectors were controlled from a single Onlyview software platform developed by etc. Ruslan Semenov, CEO of ETC for Russia, has pointed out in this regard that "all our servers operated in mode backup. Thus, before an unexpected failure, had replaced instantly. In other words: have a system guaranteed to 100% "."

Spectacular images
In the thirty minutes that lasted the show, the facade of the Moscow State University underwent a series of transformations: in a gigantic Aquarium first to stop and then disintegrate and become, successively, the Taj Mahal, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. For a moment until it became a huge birthday cake. The images roamed to Flash them different periods historical to get to them signs easily identifiable of our world modern... David Atkins threw his imagination fly. The recurring image of the logo of the alpha-Bank melted smoothly into the storyline, giving the visual presentation of a thread.

The event required intense preparations. To assure the visual consistency of the images, all the windows of the central tower of Moscow State University were covered with special panels. Various services of the institution participated in the process and even the students pulled through, because that part of the building is occupied by a student residence. Thanks to their collaboration, organizers was invited to the celebration.

Many preparations
For two weeks, and until the day of the show, teams of creative and technical specialists carried out trials on the ground. Twenty-four technical experts provided on-site assistance to the video projection. Patrice Bouqueniaux, France ETC project manager, reviewed ETC international team knew the skyscraper of the University: had worked on it on the day of the city of Moscow in 2005 and, fourteen years before that, during the famous and dynamic spectacle of light projection and slides of Jean Michel Jarre. "Should emphasize, first of all, the enormous power of Christie projectors as well as their ability to function in difficult or adverse conditions without losing one iota of its reliability. And trust is essential! ", stressed Patrice."

Ruslan Semenov has explained that for his team, the project was once excellent for spectators putting while relief quality of projectors Christie and the excellence of the content generated by David Atkins. The scope of the project became a very special challenge if we bear in mind that the building measuring about 200 meters high by about 300 wide work.

More than one thousand people took part in the creation of the alpha-4 d Show. Two hundred trucks from several countries transported equipment for the event. A total of 2,184 m3 of metalworking were standing in the Sparrow hills. 81 projectors were accompanied by 40 powerful spotlights: a few light cannons that fired to the sky luminous towers. The presentation included 5,000 loads pyrotechnic and 50,000 balloons. A symbolic snowfall fell on the Bewitched crowds and thousands of soap bubbles floated by the firmament. And should not surprise us in the addition of a fourth dimension to the video mapping: as part of the show, in the middle of the event, the urban climber Alain Robert, renowned for climbing without protection to the tallest buildings of the globe, climbed the skyscraper in Moscow.

A unique project
In dedicated to the 4 d-Alfa-Show Press Conference, Viktor Shkipin declared that the show was equivalent in terms of performance to an advertising campaign of the highest quality and a month in federal television in street ads that will cost about 6-8 million dollars. "This year we chose to forgo television advertising and embark, rather than she, in this show. We are convinced that it will work better than any spot", he indicated.

"It was a unique project," summarizes David Atkins. "It's the first time a building of this size for a 3D projection is used, the first to include the 4D element and the first one scale a building on which images are projected. It was the first of many. "

The video projection culminated in an extraordinary fireworks display. Surely the public that piled up on the outside of the Moscow State University and viewers who watched the TV broadcasting and the Internet will remember this event for a long time.


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