Haivision, enterprise networking of advanced video, digital signage and solutions for IP video distribution, will be present at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2012, held in Amsterdam on January 31 to February 2, to publicize their digital signage products.

Solutions provider of IP video networking and technologies of digital signage, Haivision, will participate in the next edition of the fair ISE with its complete range of products. The firm based in Montreal and Chicago take Amsterdam solution CoolSign digital signage, which has all the features and functions you need a digital signage system, more facilities from small up to sophisticated multiscreen in global networks.

CoolSign digital signage system includes n-tier architecture, supports multicast connectivity in real time, control and monitoring devices, flexible schedules, control use of bandwidth and many other functions. Secure, scalable, reliable and efficient, CoolSign responds to the needs of thousands of businesses retailers, official institutions, financial services, corporate and advertising on DOOH networks around the world.

Haivision will also display the encoder Makito, the first and only encoder of high performance that allows you to combine the efficiency of compression of H.264 video and video quality Full HD in a very small format. Makito supports constant bit rate (CBR) encoding, to guarantee transport and compatibility throughout the entire system and, optionally, capacity for metadata in real time. The Makito provides encoding H.264 at speeds of up to 1080 p60 with very low latency.

Haivision will also show their newly acquired software of KulaByte encoding, which allows users to easily and reliably deliver content live at several sites. The latest technology that incorporates the Kulabyte has an adaptive technology which allows dynamic updates in real-time for the reliable delivery of online video to desktop or Moviles.completamente software-based devices, KulaByte encoder provides the most efficient use of bandwidth up due to a strict control of the bit rate. It has a very simple operation and user interface.

As an additive, Haivision will present the KulaByte transcoding in the cloud solution, capable of transforming into live streams of source video in all formats and types of data needed to distribute live video over the Internet. The transcoder KulaByte cloud offers video streams transcoded live for each screen, regardless of the device, the player, the screen size or bandwidth.

The transcoder provides a high quality and output consistent for the entire range of playback devices, even when it is transmitted from low-bandwidth environments. The preparation of multiple interpretations needed for all these devices and bit so far rates required an additional investment in hardware encoding, additional bandwidth and infrastructure. KulaByte solution eliminates this excess of cost and complexity with a flexible and comprehensive solution based on a platform of streaming live on the cloud.

In addition, Haivision booth will be video IP Furnace 6.0 Server, which includes recording and publication advanced MultiStream to allow clients to capture and distribute video to multiple receivers synchronized content. The VF Recorder module has been enhanced to support and review the recording of up to four video streams simultaneously associated with a resource of composite video. During recording, it is possible to apply all the streams HotMarks (metadata in real time), either through the user interface or generated by third party control systems.

HotMarks allows viewers to search and navigate quickly between premarked specific events. The module VF author establishes ingest and editing content automated. After a process of recording, the user can assign content to specific groups, make content available on the web portal, send email links to users or specific groups, or deposit content in third party systems for further editing.

Haivision will also stand with Viper, a compact team for capture, transmission, revision, distribution and publication of multiple receptors of H.264 content. The Viper can be used as a stand-alone device, integrating the recording, streaming and video capabilities on demand, directly from the centers of events by capturing and distributing multiple streams of HD video and graphics sources.

The Viper system supports applications for recording / review / publication and live streaming. Viper can also be integrated as a system of contribution to distance for Haivision Furnace IP video system, which allows a distributed architecture of recording without relying on the central network video recording capacity to accommodate all users.

Finally, the multinational will be Amsterdam Torpedo, which enables businesses to the distribution of digital transmissions through their own IP networks without the need to re-encode the video. Digital broadcasts via satellite (DVB-S/S2) and via terrestrial (DVD-T) contain programming audio/video using standard compression (MPEG-2 or H.264) within frames of MPEG-2 transport. Torpedo catwalk tune those particular channels, distributed via RF via the DVB antenna or satellite, extracts and filters out MPEG transport packets and distributes the content over IP, avoiding the recoding. A single Torpedo can work with up to 11 channels, by forwarding this channel via IP unicast or multicast type streams.

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By • 27 Dec, 2011
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