The company Hitachi has presented a new projector, the model CP-RX94, a device directed to the market of the teaching, where there is a great interest by this type of products gifted of a capacity high and by features more than adequate for a high performance.

A new projector comes from the hand of Hitachi, CP-RX94, designed for teaching environments. It is easy to carry and delivers images with high contrast. It is highly functional for both teachers and students can design their presentations in seconds. It has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels XGA format, with a total of 2600 ANSI lumens and a contrast of 2 rate, 000: 1.

It features 3LCD, sophisticated and innovative technology, which uses 3-chip to deliver vibrant, consistent, and real images for the most demanding spectators. Has the mode slate black / white that guarantees a brightness optimal both in displays of color black as of color green or white bright. The intervals of maintenance is enlarged significantly thanks to the employment of parts of long duration, that reduce the cost total of use. It has daytime mode that allows to view a projected image more easily when the Sun glows. With this option, the projections will always be a vivid and intense color in bright environments.

Customizable device
He new Hitachi CP-RX94 allows change the name of the source of input, customizing of this way them devices and them tickets to the projector, renaming for example an entry of device, as "portable of Juan" to recognize it easily. It has also "My button" option which allows you to assign custom functions or routine tasks to a programmable button on the remote control.

Cuenta con la función de plantilla que le permite proyectar diferentes patrones de líneas y cuadrículas sobre una pizarra blanca o negra para facilitar la escritura y el dibujo. Además posee funciones de seguridad avanzada que incluyen bloqueos multinivel mediante PIN, detector de transiciones, barra de seguridad de acero, bloqueo Kensington y etiquetas prominentes de seguridad.

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By • 28 Dec, 2011
• Section: Training, Projection

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