Neat, experts in Teleassistance fixed and mobile systems, has launched to the market Nemo Dom, a specially designed mobile Telecare device for victims of gender-based violence.

Every time it is more common to councils to offer Telecare services for free in cases of victims of domestic violence who do not live with their abuser and have in force a restraining order. More standardized service of tele-assistance in these cases is the mobile Telecare using a mobile phone with GPS device connected to a station that offers immediate preventive assistance 24 hours a day wherever you are or mobile terminal specially designed for these cases, as the terminal Nemo Dom marketed by the Neat Group.

Nemo is the name given to the first terminal specifically developed for mobile Teleassistance released by the Neat Group and developed specifically by its two variants, Nemo Dom for use in cases of gender-based violence and Nemo Care aimed at the mobile Telecare for seniors. Nemo terminal looks like a mobile phone small and lightweight and can be used both if you need a remote with or without GPS device.

Nemo Dom is intended for use in cases of victims of gender-based violence and has connectivity with GPS. The device is consistently located on the map in real time which allows to know the situation that is accurate at all times. Just by pressing a button you can send an alarm with the dedicated button on the unit or through an external alarm push button and can also be set via radio communication with the Centre of attention. Performance and functionality that makes Nemo Sun device suitable for use by victims of gender violence.

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By • 28 Dec, 2011
• Section: Bless you

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