The Korean manufacturer Samsung has developed a new technology transparent screens that provide high-definition images with low power consumption and also possess the ability to operate on solar power.

The future of transparent screens is here. The new screen LTI460AP01 of Samsung es un panel LCD transparente que funciona muy distinto al resto de las pantallas. A diferencia de otras pantallas con una fuente de iluminación trasera (retroiluminación), ésta utiliza otras fuentes de energía como la luz solar y la iluminación de la habitación en la que se instale la pantalla; además de los BLU (Back Light Units) que utilizan los páneles LCD regulares como energía para mostrar una imagen.

To view the images in the dark through the screen LTI460AP01 is only necessary to activate these BLU specially designed for this type of displays that give you the energy to see the content. In addition to innovate in the way we see on the screens, another advantage is that no units activated light background, consumes only 10% of what it consumes a regular LCD screen.

LTI460AP01 new, extremely thin panels are expected to be used in a wide variety of commercial applications such as hotels, shops, vending machines or smart windows, among others.

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By • 28 Dec, 2011
• Section: Display

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