CamPro Professional is the new recording software AirLive designed for professional demands, monitoring that improves analysis of video that can be used in various places in surveillance. Based on the client/server architecture, CamPro Professional provides CMS and remote management software, you can create a central administration of monitoring quickly for shops and offices.

Con el objetivo de posicionarse como un proveedor integral en el competitivo mercado de videovigilancia, AirLivebrand owned by Ovislink Corp. Taiwan, networks, communications and IP-surveillance equipment manufacturer, has launched CamPro Professional, intelligent software designed to meet the demands of professional applications.

This new version of Ta considerably improves the functions of video analysis that can be applied to different scenarios of the surveillance. This provides intelligent video analysis using vectorization and partition algorithms to detect unexpected movement or unusual behavior that may represent a danger to persons, property and infrastructure. The software takes care of filter and interpret the data captured through IP cameras or CCTV cameras.

The analysis can be in real time or at the time of reproducing the images retrospective evidentiary purposes. CamPro Professional includes CMS software, which not only supports IP cameras AirLive, but also other models manufactured by other brands available in the market. In addition to AirLive IP cameras, CamPro Professional also supports more than 25 manufacturers of IP cameras.

AirLive CamPro Professional is especially useful in scenarios exposed to vandalism. Detection of blockages (tampering detection) function sounds an alarm when someone tries to manipulate the camera. For example, if an intruder tries to move the IP camera to another place, CamPro Professional will recognize the attack and will send an alert on the screen or through other device. With this function, security personnel can detect the interruption of the operation of IP cameras when someone blocks them or manipulate.

Included CMS software can support CamPro Professional and NVR. Add scalability to the existing NVR and also provides advanced features such as multiple monitors display, monitoring E-Map and intelligent video analytics. Supports up to 16 NVRs, including TA software Professional NVR and 256 channels. It also supports remote playback function to access the video files stored on the remote NVR. CMS with CamPro Professional and NVR is the ideal solution for large scale surveillance projects.

CamPro Professional incluye funciones de gran utilidad para detectar y alertar ante pérdida de objetos, la presencia de objetos extraños o potencialmente peligrosos e incluso para delimitar y proteger con líneas imaginarias (Trip Wires) una zona determinada y hasta establecer uno o dos sentidos de dirección. Otras de las funciones son contabilización de objetos, detección de rostros y mejoramiento de imágenes. CamPro Professional permite visualizar videos desde otras computadoras en la red local o a través de Internet y soporta hasta 9 clientes simultáneamente.

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By • 30 Dec, 2011
• Section: Security

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