The Neat Group, specialists in telemedicine, telecare and Telecare fixed and mobile Telecare systems, has launched SmartCom, a system of communication that facilitates the integration of people with hearing problems.

Older persons who are deaf or communication problems have the need to access the information and the communication of their environment and, currently, the Telecare Service is very limited. Telecare facing deaf users or with limited ability to communicate does not respond to the need of the necessary communication between the control center and the user and is limited to send emergency services when there is a call or notice.

With the aim of complementing the services currently provided to people with hearing impairments and to advance in the quality of the service, the Neat Group He has developed Smartcom, a system that facilitates the integration of older people with hearing or communication problems in the Telecare Service.

SmartCom is a system of Messaging Instant with questions and answers predefined, that allow to the user communicate is at each moment with the operator. Thus, if a user with hearing problems need help only you must press the red button that appears on the display of the device to alert to the central. Once sent the alarm, the terminal allows the user to select the type of alert that you want to send: 'Help', 'Fall' or 'Resource'. After selecting the option, starts a dialogue of questions with predefined answers, such as 'Has been damage done?', 'Where does hurt you?' or ' doctor contacted and is on its way ' between the operator and the user. This results in reassuring the user and mobilize the necessary emergency services in each alarm.

The device is very easy to use thanks to its touch screen and also allows it to be the very center of attention who start the dialogue as such to remember the visit to the doctor, medication, etc ... which allows cover all the needs of telecare service such as emergency communications, social and tracking user from the service Center.

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By • 5 Jan, 2012
• Section: Bless you

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