Vuzix, a pioneer in optical designs worldwide, will present at CES 2012 Smart Glasses, smart glasses that look like regular glasses, but to which has been added to them a projection system developed by Nokia for reality increased, a starting point for new possibilities in technology.

Over recent years several companies have put their efforts in creating smart glasses that allow interaction between a virtual environment and real life. One such company is Vuzix that on the occasion of CES 2012, just introduced its new Smart Glasses that make transparent screens to monitor various gadgets and as we walk or perform any other activity.

This is new glasses that let you see through them like normal glasses, but thanks to an operating projection system NokiaCan superimpose a "data layer" so that incorporate augmented reality technology, as used in various applications of mobile phones.

La novedad principal de Vuzix Smart Glasses consiste en que este modelo ya cuenta con toda la electrónica necesaria (proyector, guíaondas y lente) integradas en unas gafas de tamaño convencional, con lo que se hace aún más simple para el usuario utilizar este elemento. Con estas gafas inteligentes, Vuzix apunta primordialmente a la navegación web; de esta manera podríamos ver un video en YouTube o leer nuestro feed de noticias mientras vamos caminando hacia el trabajo.

Besides these Smart Glasses, Vuzix is ​​also developing conventional binoculars or monoculars and versions that can be used day or night, as well as integration with various demanded by the industry, such as stock control or similar programs.

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By • 9 Jan, 2012
• Section: Augmented reality

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