The maker of audiovisual control devices added to the AMX Enova Enova DGX 16 Media Switchers and Enova DGX Digital's 32, the first to include an integrated central controller family. Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher has been specifically developed to solve the problems of AV for digital video distribution while allowing the connected devices to be monitored, managed and controlled centrally through an IT infrastructure.

AMX has announced the availability of the Digital Media Switchers DGX Enova 16 and Enova DGX 32. These switchers modular matrix are proving to be a priority for end users seeking an HDMI / HDCP solution that can scale seamlessly to any resolution not limited to a predetermined list of resolutions. The DGX Switchers feature exclusive AMX technologies SmartScale, InstaGate Pro and NetLinx control to serve as a cornerstone of centralized network installations.

SmartScale Technology scaling the video signal to the native resolution for each display connected, eliminates the problems that can occur when sources and displays have different supported resolutions.

Easy installation
The AMX Product Manager, Paul Hand, said: "I was impressed with the enthusiasm of dealers who tested the DGX first. All they have to do is connect the cables and regardless of the source of which is sent or combination of resolutions -a perfect image brings scale appears on each screen, without delay. HDMI / HDCP facilities and options for sub-par level have been a nightmare for a long time and finally with DGX there is a solid and reliable solution. "

También elimina los problemas de HDMI / HDCP el InstaGate Pro de AMX. A bordo de cada Switcher Enova DGX, InstaGate Pro permite a los instaladores integrar la HDCP en los diseños de sistema con la simplicidad de plug-and-play. Las instalaciones están terminadas en un tiempo récord sin demoras ni restricciones de claves. Rashid Skaf, presidente y director ejecutivo de AMX, ha señalado que “la principal petición que escuché de nuestros distribuidores fue un selector que pueda distribuir HDMI/HDCP, sin soluciones complicadas y costosas herramientas. Fui a nuestros ingenieros y les pedí un selector de digital media que permita que un instalador pueda conectar cualquier fuente y que simplemente funcione. Yo no podría ser más feliz con el resultado final que ofrece el DGX”.

Another crucial aspect is the efficiency gained by the NetLinx integrated controller. As the only digital switcher with an embedded controller, the facilities are more simplified and executed in a neat orchestration.

Solution for installation problems AV / IT
El director de Tecnología de AMX, Robert Noble, destaca que “la línea de Enova DGX es la primera verdadera solución a los problemas de instalación AV/IT que los integradores tienen que afrontar, y lo más importante es que su arquitectura es perdurable para el futuro. El DGX Enova incorpora un interruptor de Ethernet y soporte para AMX DXLink que permite a los dispositivos AV conectados ser gestionados de forma centralizada en el mismo cable utilizado para la distribución multimedia”.

The Enova DGX includes DGX switchers 16 and 32, cards input and output DGX for HDMI and DVI, besides cards insertion / extraction audio. In the coming months further improvements for DGX 16 and 32 will be developed, including DXLink input and output cards and fiber cards.

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By • 11 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Distribution signals

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