It company specialized in networking of video advanced, posters digital and solutions for distribution of video IP Haivision has equipped with of a system of video IP Furnace and of encoders H.264 Barracuda to the Office of the Commission of education basic (OBEC) of Thailand to allow a communication of video controlled and safe between the headquarters central and them teachers of all the country.

The Office of the Commission of education basic (OBEC) of Thailand has chosen the system of video IP Furnace and the encoders H.264 Barracuda of Haivision to create an IPTV solution from end to end IPTV which connects educators from around the country of agency headquarters. Haivision infrastructure enables the OBEC maintain reliable videoconferencing systems, in real time, with officials and staff who are scattered geographically, facilitating organizational communications and support for OBEC mission to serve as a centre of education of Thailand activities.

Ajarn Mana, of the OBEC, has explained that "to meet our growing needs of communications, is sought a solution IPTV reliable of end to end to link all our facilities so is can share best them knowledge and achieve a development equitable and the access of all the regions of the country." With Haivision have been capable of carrying our communications internal to the next level- and have with a solution IPTV full of Haivision for issue video controlled and safe through all our network. The Barracuda encoder offers a high-performance encoding H.264 in a single compact format, and its ability to provide multiple streams in different resolutions and bit to several destinations in rates makes it a perfect fit within the end H.264 IP video solution to end Haivision Furnace."

High performance of coding
H.264 Barracuda, advanced IP video system encoders-driven Furnace delivers multimedia content to the set-top-boxes-Stingray from Haivision and InStream players (available on any computer), allowing OBEC to share live video through its facilities in Bangkok. The network of video IP serves for multiple purposes in the day to day, as for example, meetings in live among them offices central and them offices regional for notify to them masters them new political and keep to all the personal informed of them information General. The system also proved to be very valuable for teaching distance and for the training of officers and staff to provide a high-quality live video link from the headquarters to the PCs of e-learning. With the first phase underway, the OBEC is implementing the second phase of the network for allow the recording, the reproduction and the transmission WAN.

Charles Dobson, director de desarrollo de negocios internacionales de Haivision Network Video, ha comentado: “Como autoridad educativa central de Tailandia responsable de los maestros y las escuelas de todo el país, el OBEC ha reconocido la necesidad de comunicaciones y accesibilidad multimedia en su organización a lo largo de todo el país. El sistema de distribución de vídeo IP de extremo a extremo Furnace ofrece la protección de los contenidos internos y broadcast, desde los codificadores en la sede de la OBEC hasta los usuarios finales en las instalaciones regionales.”

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By • 11 Jan, 2012
• Section: AV Conferencing, Training, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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