Before the growing loss of effectiveness, profitability and impact of them ads television traditional, the market advertising has with a new agency specialized that offers solutions of entertainment linked to a brand as via effective to connect with the public end generating content audiovisual own, getting a ROI high.

Specialized independent agency Branded Entertainment and Branded Content is presented to deal with the increasing real loss of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and impact of the traditional TV ads due to the saturation of spots and commercial breaks, to zapping, to the fragmentation of audiences by the appearance and ways of using the new digital television channels and new alternative models flexible, convergent, interactive and customized Internet-based, creating and developing entertainment solutions brand complete tailor-made for digital TV, web TV, video games, mobile, platforms, social networks, radio, music and movies.

According to explain from the newly created agency, "combine knowledge of 20 years, the creativity and the strategy advertising, in the creation of content digital exclusive, attractive, of quality and useful of marks for all the world, getting a ROI high." Brands and programs of TV converge in interests and goals of communication. Advertisers take active part in social life and advertising evolves into an exercise in responsibility and social commitment. We create and develop creative and innovative entertainment formats not written in-house, universal, multi-display and products to the consumer. We help brands find and connect emotionally with their audiences. The consumer is currently active. In a highly competitive environment is essential to having a positioning and a brand promise that generates preference."

He objective main of the branded entertainment is communicate it image and benefit of the brand with the production own of contained audiovisual original relevant for the user, of a way innovative, original, credible, powerful, honest, modern and profitable, for then search them media appropriate to distribute them. Interact the brand with the consumer for make it grow besides provide value, motivate, entertain, fun, thrill, Excite, Excite, seduce, loyalty and do enjoy. An experience exclusive and inimitable.

The branded content is a new concept of advertising strategy consisting brands to become part of the script of a series, movie or TV show, mixing synergistically and discrete business information. Reaches consumers very effective, non-intrusive, it achieves high levels of impacts and establishes important emotional connections with consumers. Each brand can become a powerful communication channel itself, generating engagement with the target.

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By • 11 Jan, 2012
• Section: Dynamic advertising

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