Comfersa has installed four large videowalls in vicinity of Madrid Atocha station platforms to give coverage to the more than 10 million travelers each month using this season for their daily travel.

The vicinity of Atocha station has four new videowalls of Comfersa made with environment-friendly materials of last generation. With these screens, Comfersa reinforces your advertising Digital dynamic circuit at the railway station, 103 horizontal screens, 8 touch stands and two walls of 7 × 4 3 × 3 46-inch and 46-inch monitor also, which now must add the four new installed in vicinity.

These new large screens - two of them in 4 × 4 46-inch and the other two 2 × 2 monitors 46 '' - have been manufactured with cutting-edge materials respectful environment, which guarantee a high resolution picture with low power consumption. " Most of its components are recyclable and its technology allows that the images can be from any angle with maximum clarity and without any distortion.

You can create different areas of video, either toggle video with static image of the logo to increase the effectiveness of the memory of mark. Both videowalls are equipped with directional sound.

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By • 12 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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