Among the innovations being presented at CES 2012, Bodymetrics, a London company that offers a platform of body mapping in 3D, has announced a software that is able to scan the body of the client and show it on the screen in 3D.

Bodymetricsa company of body-mapping in 3D that uses Microsoft's Kinect-like technology to scan the human figure in three dimensions, has presented at the CES in Las Vegas a tool capable of scanning our body detecting our silhouette 3D, developed in collaboration with PrimeSense, specialist in sensory recognition technologies. The new scanner, which uses 8 PrimeSense sensors to measure the human body and recognize its form, can be installed in any store.

Suran Goonatilake, CEO of Bodymetrics, commented: "the body is the latest subject of information that it digitizes. Much of our life is already digital (friends, music, bank account, etc.) and is accessible online, but our own body has not come to both. Bodymetrics, along with PrimeSense, is allowing consumers to store and access online information about your body, and share it with the fashion retailers. Now, the scanning of the body becomes a powerful platform to provide retailers of fashion items that fall well its users". This new technology can revolutionize the way in which consumers buy clothes online thanks to their testing tools that allow you to try on the garment before you buy. It will also help reduce the number of returns of garments in the fashion industry, which is especially important in online sales with a percentage between 20 and 40% of sales.

"We are convinced that many retailers will install body scanners in its stores and will leave your clients to access measures that have stored online." Soon it will be possible to buy on line items that fit our size, shape and style", adds Goonatilake.

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By • 12 Jan, 2012
• Section: Augmented reality, Simulation

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