The city of Granada has been a pioneer in our country to implement an innovative system of augmented reality, which allows on-line consultation and in situ information relating to mobility through mobile. And it does so with a technology that adds realistic images captured in real time, with information and data obtained from the website of the mobility of the City Council area Granada.

In a pioneering initiative in Spain, the management Integral of mobility of the City Council of Granada Center launched a layer called 'Mobility Granada' for the free augmented reality app Layar which enables the online consultation and in situ interesting information regarding bus lanes, tourist docks, controls access and their hours of operation. You can install on any Smartphone and to use it, just that the mobile device has GPS, compass, camera, accelerometer and internet connection.

Using augmented reality technology, the application allows to know in time real all the information relating to traffic and mobility in the city. Citizen or visitor has at its disposal a collection of virtual traffic signs which inform you of the various restrictions of circulation and parking, as well as timetables, mode of operation and links to more information on the website of mobility of Granada.

These virtual traffic signs, which everyone can see through the camera of his mobile phone, have located in each of the corners in which a route has a rail bus or control of access and on the location of the bollards, providing information about hours of operation.

The contents are useful both for vehicles circulating through the city for tourists and drivers of tour buses wishing to locate passenger collection points in the tourist docks dedicated to it. The application will be complete, incorporating data on public car parks and reserved places in the future.

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By • 12 Jan, 2012
• Section: Augmented reality

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