IProNet systems, company specialized in global IP video solutions, has launched the video recorder on board RMS On Board, developed to meet the needs of video surveillance associated with moving vehicles with up to 4 cameras, ensuring at all times the performance, reliability and costs contained.

IProNet systems It launches a new specific equipment for the transport sector which provides the ruggedness needed in security installations and video surveillance of public, commercial, and goods transport.

Born of the needs of IProNet customers, RMS On Board has all the features of their brethren from the range of video recorders IProNet RMS, thanks to the powerful IP video management software e-netcamCLIENT 7, but with a clear additional objective: Agile and robust deployment of large fleets of vehicles.

Designed for rapid deployment, the new RMS On Board can be screwed directly to the vehicle, minimizing the number of wiring needed to have their own PoE switch to connect and feed up to 4 IP cameras supported. The recorder incorporates a hard disk solid state 128GB which allows storage of video of 4 Megapixel cameras for several days, resisting vibrations, bumps, potholes and extreme temperatures.

With the On Board RMS disappear voltage converters, power supply for PoE cameras, batteries and recorders which are reset to start the vehicle. Thanks to its intelligent power module only requires a minimal connection to the vehicle to provide energy both to the video recorder as to the cameras connected directly to it, disconnect all devices when the vehicle is cut the current. To start the vehicle it prevents all the equipment of overvoltage transients.

Remote management in real time
Once installed the system on an unlimited number of vehicles, can be managed and monitored in real time from a single central control station equipped with the software remote management corporateVIEWER IProNet, or from several positions simultaneously, thanks to the modem 3 G optional also integrated into the new RMS On Board, immediately receiving alarms (for movement, for external sensors (, "panic button", etc.) for each vehicle in the fleet with images of what is happening, of course, access to cameras and recordings of a vehicle at any time through the same corporateVIEWER, but also through smartphones and tablets, or through a monitor in the vehicle.

En caso de no ser necesaria esta monitorización continua, todas las grabaciones pueden ser descargadas mediante WiFi desde cualquier equipo con software de la gama VIEWER de IProNet, o directamente conectando un dispositivo USB al grabador.

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By • 13 Jan, 2012
• Section: Security

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