With the aim to create a safe and fun experience for their fans, the stadium SGL Arena of Augsburg, stronghold of the local football team, it has launched a safety plan with the installation of an Avigilon HD surveillance system to ensure the safety of the spectators, comply with regulations and reduce costs of judicial responsibilities.

The stadium SGL Arena in Augsburg (Germany) - headquarters of the club football FC Augsburg and 30.660 seats - has installed an advanced video surveillance system of Avigilon to improve the safety of the spectators, comply with regulations and reduce the costs of judicial responsibilities. According to Avigilon, the stadium has halved the time needed to investigate events.

Security personnel now uses the Avigilon high definition video management software in network (NVMS, acronym in English) Avigilon Control Center Enterprise which has a High-Definition Stream Management (MSDS) technology. Also 16 cameras MP JPEG 2000 HD Pro that monitor the steps, inputs and outputs, among others, during the celebration of parties have been installed. Avigilon network video recorder allows you to store the footage for 30 days.

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By • 16 Jan, 2012
• Section: Security

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