The English band Arctic Monkeys joined its upcoming world tour that will pass through our country - Madrid and Barcelona - to present his fourth Studio album a Harman Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing desk.

British band Arctic Monkeys will return to the Spanish stage to present his fourth Studio album, Suck It And See, the 27 of January in the Palace of the sports of Madrid and the 28 of January in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. On this tour, the Indie rock band will use a Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing table of Harman, brand distributed in Spain by EarPro.

The table Soundcraft Vi6 has been designed on the basis of the reliability showed of them
series of tables view and On-Air 3000, Studer. It should be noted that in she is uses a
update the user interface Vistonics (Vistonics II), which allows the tecnicooperador
use the table more intuitively. The interface Vistonics II uses the same type of monitor TFT color "touch screen", with integral switches and rotary controls mounted on the glass to provide a control system: "what you see is what is controlled".

With a design stylized and modern, with a size compact (a profile much lower that the of the most of tables digital of great format) and an operation very simple, Soundcraft ensures that in each 10 seconds the user is feel familiar with the table.
The Soundcraft Vi6 table has 64 input channels, distributed in two layers of 32
control, of course, motorized faders. These channels can be assigned to 32 outputs
(besides to mix stereo and mono), with any combination of bus auxiliary and of

They can configure up to 16 outputs Matrix from the 32 buses available. Each channel allows you to view all its functions simultaneously, which avoids wasting time "surfing" menus or to move forward and backward through different pages. The process of selection of a function of a particular channel is as simple as touch the corresponding item on the touch screen and operate the controls and switches to produce the desired settings.

Simple use
Tim Fraleigh, Firehouse Productions audio technician, thought from the beginning that the Vi6 table was the best console for this tour, thanks to its ease of use and its intuitive interface. "Is really very comfortable working with this table", has commented Fraleigh. "This table is simple and their touch screens make the configuration settings very fast. In addition Soundcraft has always been a very reliable brand. "Know it response and them benefits of this table was very important, and thanks to its ease of use and our confidence in them products of Soundcraft and Harman, knew that this table was going to be the best choice and that all the world is would be very satisfied."

Engineer monitor Will Doyle, which use this console to the front PA and monitors, side fills, pointed out that the Vi6 responds beautifully. "Although I have had the possibility of working with digital tables several times, do the thing that I like about the Vi6 is it feels as if you were working with a table analog. Is very easy check of a look what are doing all those channels in each layer. With its touch screen, everything is at your fingertips", Doyle has highlighted.

"The Vi6 is fantastic at the time of performing several tasks at the same time" continues Doyle. With the function of allocation quick, always can have them mixes more important in those encoders. This facilitates power work with faders and also be able to react quickly to any requirement on the stage. Having multiple touchscreens means that I can work on different channels at the same time. "This feature is very important and makes everything very easy and quick for my."

Set of VCAs
According to Doyle, the layers of user are easy to configure and provide plenty of flexibility. "Make monitors for a group of rock of 4 members not me supposed to have that rush much them capabilities of the mixer but have started to incorporate VCAs in my layer of user", has pointed Doyle. "So in addition to be capable of hide all them channels superfluous, only I have that use a fader to upload all the battery." The great thing is that there is a set of discrete for each output VCAs, so if you are mixing a more complex group, you can use up to 16 VCAs to control each mixture instead of having to jump between layers to get to 96 channels - more time looking at the stage instead of the table. I use them mostly to maintain balanced ratio between the voices and their reverbs".

Para Doyle y los Arctic Monkeys, la supervisión del escenario ha sido muy tranquila gracias a la facilidad de uso de la Vi6. “Esta mesa tiene muchísimas funciones y unas prestaciones perfectas para lo que necesitamos; esto hace que nuestro trabajo sea más fácil día tras día”, resume Doyle.

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