Hospital Clínic of Barcelona has presented the first laparoscopic surgery in high definition 3D, a pioneering technique around the world that opens the door to operations safer and more effective. The new three-dimensional technology, characterized by introducing in the patient a 3D high definition optics, allows doctors to see better in the course of the operation and shortens the time of interventions.

Gastrointestinal surgery of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona team already has carried out successfully 14 operations with laparoscopy in 3D and high definition, a revolutionary technique that brings more precision to the surgeon, minimizes risks and greatly reduces the duration of the intervention.

"The implementation of the laparoscopy is reduced because operate with 2D not is easy, but the 3D opens the door to new approaches of surgery by holes natural and is will get that more surgeons operate with that technical less aggressive", has featured the Chief of service of surgery Gastrointestinal of the Clinic, Antonio of Lacy. According to the doctor, the 3D will make that optional "with less experience" can operate, because "is a technical more easy that the laparoscopy 2D and allows, in addition, addressing procedures more complicated".

Laparoscopy is a type of surgery minimally invasive, through tiny holes, is introduced into the body instruments allowing the surgeon to operate viewing organ through a screen. The novelty of the new technique is that, with the help of glasses - similar to the cinemas in 3D-, the surgeon can see the organ across the screen in three dimensions, allowing you to appreciate the depth and can operate without having to be constantly moving camera, Lacy explained.

Reduce the time of intervention
With the new system, images are captured by two optical and passed to two different processors which forwards them to a mixer that overlap them so that, through the glasses, you see in three dimensions. As the surgeon sees much best them dimensions and the tissue of the organs, an intervention with laparoscopy that in 2D is runs in five hours is can carry to out with success in two hours and half if is makes in three dimensions.

This innovative technique already is used on a daily basis at the Clinic since December 15 and the idea is that you generalize soon and be on the market in 2013 so that other centers use it. The director general of the Hospital Clínic, Josep Maria Piqué, said that the Barcelona hospital wants to be the center of training of professionals in this new technique and that the learning process is "slow", so it should go to testing and improving until it is widespread in other centres.

3D laparoscopy is possible because endoscopes developed by Olympus brand that Clínic collaborates ten years in the development of intelligent operating rooms. The director of Olympys Europe, Frank Drewalowski, explained that until the end of this year not the cost of this technology is known, but has been convinced that it will contribute to removing other expensive material operating room and eventually the investment is repaid.

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