The Institute for Exploration (IFE) of the Mystic Aquarium, in the USA, used the new decoder edje 4111 HD of Adtec, a digital media server for AVC/H.264 and reproduction of contents SD and HD MPEG2 as well as IP stream decoding.

The Institute for Exploration (IFE) of the Mystic Aquarium, in Connecticut (USA), which is dedicated to research in the sciences aquatic, especially related to the human and natural history in the oceans, needed a solution for professional reproduction and has resorted to the edje 4111HD of ADTEC Digital, brand distributed in Spain by TechEx.

Bob Knott, senior broadcast in IFE engineer, explained that the need for professional reproduction systems was based on "a means to store, update, schedule, and show presentations of HD video in the"Challenge of the Deep"of Dr. Robert Ballard exhibition, as well as to present live streams multi-cast from e/v Nautilus expedition and the Space Center at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography.

The edje 4111HD of Adtec, digital media-player for playback of AVC/H.264 and MPEG2 HD / SD video files and stream IP decoding is the perfect solution for on-site as remote playback. "The video quality of the content stored as the output of the decoder are exceptional and has been used in the management of HD projectors and LCD screens where (Museum) visitors are capable of performing a critical observation of the images presented", explains Knott. "Also we have used them as digital receivers to multi-cast and uni-cast to remote points video streams".

The edje 4111 HD can be configured easily using the included web-based control application and from the front panel menu. "We are very pleased with the interface that provides remote access to the units enabling me to manage them, even when I'm browsing around the world working on expeditions," Knott says.

During his most recent expedition, Nautilus expedition, scientists carried out maps of the seabed, studied submarine volcanoes, investigated unusual forms of life, explored wrecks, and much more. The Nautilus expedition was the only one to offer to the public around the world the opportunity to participate virtually in the exploration of the ocean. A satellite dish installed on the ship transmits live video and other data from the expedition 24 hours a day, seven days a week allowing scientists on Earth using data to participate in the expedition despite being away.

Whatever the source, the edje 4111 HD can automatically scale the content to match the output of up to 1080 p 60 for excellent playback HD. "The media can be uploaded, managed and programmed for playout, using the interface of web control included and programmed to play a list of files and repeat indefinitely," says Brian Adair, Key Account Manager for Adtec Digital. "The edje 4111 HD costs rather less than the competing products without sacrificing the high quality of the video, being an incredibly cost-effective solution of great added value".

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By • 18 Jan, 2012
• Section: Distribution signals

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