Vinyl I will be present in the next edition of ISE with Translook, a device for transparent interactive display that is as clear as Crystal and has excellent penetration and a color display, showing the actual product and information at a glance.

The Korean company Vinyl I It will present at the ISE 2012 (stand 9A114) TransLook, a transparent window display. The first transparent showcase interactive display shows efficiently both images and real products.

TransLook uses filter V that has been developed with the technology original of the company, and has with an outstanding transparency and play of color in comparison with them screens transparent current. Them users can enjoy of them products exposed in the inside of the TransLook of form clear as if is looked through the glass while see the information and the images of them products of way more realistic and vivid.

TransLook also has with source of light LED by the four sides, resolution Full HD 1080 based in the presentation of content dense and detailed that allows a comfort visual and a saving of energy of around the 30%.

Those speakers stereo of 40W create an environment realistic and attractive and make that those users is see immersed in the content. The turntable of the TransLook what's inside the case and works with a touch sensor helps the users to see the product from a 360 degree perspective and displays product information effectively.

Multiple uses
TransLook has used hardware and high quality material, which makes it suitable for almost all environments: shops of luxury items, consumer goods, cosmetics, electronics, alcoholic beverages; stores that need to show no real products and relevant information of the product, digital signage; museums, exhibitions and galleries that need to present the details.

TransLook allows products to be displayed more securely in an optimum place, encourages customers to experience information and images of the product without help, and even offers customers the opportunity to participate in an event. TransLook occurs in model window (27 "and 47″") and cooler (55″) model, and can be adjusted to the needs of the customer with options including touch sensor, camera, turntable and speakers of 40W.

El CEO de Vinyl I, Cho Hong-Rai, ha asegurado: “Esperamos que la demanda de plataformas y kioscos display transparentes aumente en el mercado display. Tenemos la intención de lanzar una agresiva campaña de marketing no sólo en el mercado coreano, sino en un mercado global en constante expansión”.

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By • 18 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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