The industrial equipment manufacturer Advantech attend the next edition of the ISE fair with a new product, the ARK-DS306, digital signage player based on cutting edge graphics powered by an AMD G-Series processor.

Advantech He has developed a media player for digital signage based on advanced graphics, the ARK-DS306, which will exhibit in the next edition of Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam. The ARK-DS306 is powered by an AMD G-Series APU with integrated processor chipset AMD A50M Fusion System Controller Hub and provides a platform for low power high performance for multimedia content delivery.

Based on this new APU platform, ARK-DS306 delivers exceptional visual experience with full multimedia capability, while maintaining very low consumption of energy. It is an excellent versatile high-performance solution for digital signage applications.

Cutting edge graphics with energy saving
El ARK-DS306 es alimentado por un procesador AMD G-Series APU de doble núcleo integrado, modelo G-T40N a 1,0 GHz o por el modelo G-T44R de un solo núcleo a 1.2 GHz, y también ofrece la opción del modelo G-T40E de doble núcleo a 1,0 GHz o el modelo G-T40R de un solo núcleo a 1,0 GHz emparejado con el chipset de sistema AMD A50M FCH y la memoria 1 x DDR3 que admite hasta 4 GB. El procesador AMD G-Series APU integrado tiene una potencia de diseño térmico (TDP) muy baja de 9 vatios y permite un diseño sin ventilador, lo que proporciona una plataforma de bajo consumo de energía de alto rendimiento para la entrega de contenido multimedia. El ARK-DS306 ofrece un rendimiento de gráficos de vanguardia, pero con bajo consumo de energía.

Compact and fanless with versatile functions I / O
With a compact structure of 204 x 44.2 x 118.2 mm, the ARK-DS306 offers multiple expansion slots and I / Os versatile, such as 2 x video output interfaces: VGA + HDMI, 2 x USB, 2 x COMs (RS-232), audio IOs and supports 1 x Mini PCIe interfaces internal to additional features, such as wireless networks and TV tuner cards.

Features of this digital signage platform:
· AMD G-Series integrated single or dual core, A50M FCH, DDR3 memory support up to 4GB
Supports DirectX 11, 2D / 3D acceleration, dual display: HDMI, VGA
Supports 2 GLAN, HD audio, I / O interface with 2 COMs, 2 USB ports
· Highly expandable via internal Mini PCIe interface (eg WLAN, 3G or TV tuner)
· 2 RS-232 ports for system integration and applications
· Compact design and low profile for easy installation
Supports VESA mounting

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By • 19 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage

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