The system of telecare home of the Group Neat has with a new device, them buttons i-Atom, through which the user can contact with the center of attention when is find in situation of need, can be used also to reply them calls remote of the terminal Neo.

Within the product range of the Neat Group for the Telecare is is the terminal of telecare Neo, that makes possible that a user can speak with the personal of the center of attention when is generates an alarm. Terminal is complemented by the family of pushbuttons Atom, which has incorporated the new button i-Atom, a device of the latest generation which incorporates exclusive function an alarm of inactivity, which ensures that the user wears the button.

If the button did not register any movement in a preset time period, the button will send an alert to the center of attention. The identification code, the period of inactivity and other parameters can be configured according to the needs of each case.

Its design is ergonomic to adapt is to the wrist and has with a button of great size that facilitates the pulsation. As in all Telecare devices implemented by Neat Group, the communication takes place in the European frequency intended for social alarms and is via two-way radio to verify that the alarm has come to the main unit. The device is water resistant and generates alarms warning of low battery and self-test to verify correct operation.

Comfortable and durable
The device is designed to be ported them 24 hours to the day with total comfort thanks to its housing of plastic that has been molded for adjust is to the doll. Also can carry is as pendant and the button of alarm is of great size and is clickable on all its area.

The device also will forward an alarm if not receives no reply from the receiver. I-Atom LED changes from red to green, so it is easy to verify that the button has coverage in all spaces. This is extremely important from the point of view of safety. The user must be sure always that button is fully operational in all spaces.

There are 2 types of adapters for i-Atom, which are Hapa and Lito. These accessories make it possible for people with little force or shaking hands can send an alarm because they increase the surface down

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By • 19 Jan, 2012
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