The Audiencia Nacional of Madrid will be the first public institution to have a telepresence room immersive, ViewIT model, which will be implemented by Unitronics and that includes CTS 3010 equipment of Cisco.

The General Administration of the State has begun the installation of the first Telepresence rooms immersive. UNITRONICS has been chosen to provide an of the first of these pioneering rooms, that will be installed in the Ministry of Justice, in the audience national of Madrid.

The room model ViewIT (marks registered by Unitronics) will be with the equipment CTS 3010 of the manufacturer Cisco. This will enable an experience of immersive Telepresence and Cisco infrastructure also acquired for this project, guarantees the interoperability with other systems of videoconference of the Ministry. The solution ViewIT was released the last year by Unitronics and has as advantages be a room modular and mobile that not need work civil, and that allows an experience of meeting face to face but with an important saving of times and costs in displacement.

ViewIT room is specially designed for meetings ranging from 1 person up to 6, as it is the case of the Ministry, which represent 80% of the meetings that are held by video conferencing. Thus, it covers most of the communication needs of businesses and administrations, which provides flexibility for rapid decision-making in day to day. The integration 100% with them rooms of videoconferencing of them judged e infrastructure central of the Ministry of Justice, will allow the connection immediate of all these dependencies, allowing them the streamlining of their workings as well as a saving of them costs generated by the displacement of personal of them judged.

The service includes the mounting of the room paquetizada and mobile and the configuration of an infrastructure central, and also a maintenance of 3 years of all the solution of Telepresence. For the choice of Unitronics is has valued the experience of it company in the deployment made the year last for the Ministry of Justice of more than 400 new systems of videoconferencing Cisco of room to level national for it communication of them judged and its integration with others systems existing for get provide this service of videoconferencing in more than 700 rooms of views with which has in all the territory national.

Meetings multi-point
The Cisco Telepresence system combines video displays of high-definition (1080 p) with sound and interactive elements to create an environment in which the partners are life-size, as if they were sitting in the same room. In particular, model CTS 3010 Unitronics-installed in the Ministry of Justice is designed for meeting point to point up to twelve people (six in each location) or for meetings up to 372 participants multi-point. Its use is so easy to just push a button to organize and carry out the meetings, allowing the partners communicate naturally, safely and effectively.

As says Lola Miravet, Director general of development of business and Marketing of Unitronics: "this project is a good shows of how the Telepresence can result of great utility in it administration public as half that favours it agility and flexibility, as well as the saving, the conciliation labor and the reduction of emissions to the atmosphere generated by them travel." ViewIT solution by its modularity and its fast installation is perfect for this kind of projects."

Jesús Galindo, director de Sector Público en Cisco España, destaca que “cada vez son más las Administraciones públicas nacionales e internacionales que apuestan por la Telepresencia como una solución de colaboración que permite incrementar y optimizar la eficiencia de los empleados y de los recursos públicos, acelerando la toma de decisiones. Estamos muy satisfechos de que el Ministerio de Justicia haya optado por una solución de Cisco que permitirá conectar a las personas con total seguridad”.

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By • 19 Jan, 2012
• Section: Telepresence / videoconferencing

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