Yamaha has taken advantage of the fair NAMM 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center (California) to announce the worldwide launch of three new products: the MGP series of mixing consoles, loudspeakers DXR series and the subwoofer series DXS.

Dado que el 2012 marca el 40 aniversario de la primera consola analógica de Yamaha y el 25 aniversario de su primara consola digital, era un buen momento para que la compañía lanzara una nueva serie de mesas de mezcla compactas que hacen un uso óptimo de ambas tecnologías. Aprovechando el éxito de las consolas de la serie MG, la serie MGP se compone de dos modelos, el MGP12X y MGP16X, que ofrecen, respectivamente, 12 y 16 canales de mezcla híbrida analógica/digital en un espacio muy pequeño de, respectivamente, 348 mm y 447mm de ancho, por 495mm de profundidad.

A salient feature of the MGP series are the new Mic Preamps Yamaha that, along with the X-pressive EQ class A, capture the ultimate in analog authenticity and reproduce the unique frequency characteristics of classic modules EQ. Much more than a means of adjusting a mixture, the X-pressive EQ is a powerful tool of sound settings, which gives to the MGP series an impressive dynamic range.

Another innovative feature is the hybrid stereo channel. The combination of simple analog style with sophisticated features digital control, and a powerful DSP engine in the channel provides three essential functions that are basic applications of sound power installed as live - image Ducker, Levelleer and stereo. With an average EQ sweep of three bands for control of nuanced sound and high performance a/d and d/a converters, stereo hybrid channel offers unique functionality, with a superior sound.

Integration with iPod or iPhone
The most advanced technology includes advanced multi-effects REV-X reverb and SPX digital classic, the latter with 16 advanced with the editable parameters effects. USB connectivity enables a smart integration with iPod or iPhone, offering high-quality digital playback while the device is being charged. Using a free download of the MGP Editor of Apple software, iPod or iPhone, they function as a flexible controller, giving the user more granular control of the parameters of the console, the hybrid channel and the level of iPod playback settings.

In addition, high standard quality features include phantom power 48V, compressors (with LEDs) sole control of each channel, a built-in shockproof, helmet rack metal chassis of 19″ and an internal power supply that enables its use around the world.

Kazunori Kobayashi, managing director of the Pro Audio Division of Yamaha, has assured that "this new MGP series was designed as a 'first line ' Premium addition to our current series MG. For users who prefer the analog way, offers new levels of sound quality, functionality and reliability. "In addition to completing the redesign of the internal analog components and circuits, we wanted the MGP series to offer digital functions more useful and flexible in order to give them a significant advantage in the wide variety of environments, especially in events and installation applications."

New digital speakers DXS and DXR
After the success of portable active loudspeakers DSR series, Yamaha has also launched at NAMM 2012 speakers the subwoofer series DXS and DXR series. The DXR series includes four full-range models: DXR8, DXR10, DXR12 and DXR15, supplemented with the subwoofer active DXS12 and DXS15. All have a versatile and very compact design, suitable for a wide variety of applications that are essential excellent levels of pressure sound and high-definition.

The development of this new range, Yamaha has worked with nexus, one of the Giants in the manufacture of loudspeakers, whose knowledge and experience as the market leader in the touring sound reinforcement has guaranteed that the DXS and DXR series provide the ultimate in portable sound.

Each enclosure used amplification modules class D high-efficiency 1100W, providing an even 133dB SPL. Minimal distortion transducers, which provide a frequency response very flat and high output have been customized so perfectly fit to the properties of the amplifier, thus producing surprisingly deep bass, a range mean clear and accurate high frequencies. A completely new, universal switching power supply, guarantee that DXR series suits for use around the world.

Sound clarity
DXR series is characterized by FIR-X include tuning property of Yamaha, with the Gets a clarity and a sound image above that you would get with conventional filters. Also used the dynamic process multiband band D-Contour for a clear, powerful and uniform sound in all levels of output. Provides two settings, FOH/Main or Monitor, which optimizes the speaker for room sound or for applications as a monitor.

Subwoofer DXS series include a powerful D-XSUB processing and unique DSP presets for a very flexible control of the low range. Yamaha DSP innovator also provides protection functions that have proven themselves on the road, and that ensure that all essential components work with a maximum power, even in periods of use.

A resistant not resonant enclosure ABS on all models, have been designed to adapt perfectly to a wide variety of applications, from sound of directly to monitor stage for bands, musicians, soloists and DJ, for installation in public and commercial centers, churches and schools.

DXR series is equipped with standard ring nut-compatible mounting points, and they are also available optional U brackets for horizontal and vertical mounting. Also have glass of mounting tripod of double angle, an integrated unit of mixtures of three channels, flexible connectivity of input/output and function of cascade connection. This allows the DXR speakers to provide a total sound reinforcement system both if mounted independently as if integrated into a montage with DSR or DXS series speakers.

Toshiaki Kamiya, director of engineering, Speakers & Amplifiers Group, Yamaha Pro Audio Division, has comdentado "collaborating with nexus was an obvious step to achieve the maximum performance in the DXS and DXR ranges. Working closely with your engineers in their advanced Center contributed greatly to the surprising SPL and the reliability record of these new speakers".

For his part, Kazunori Kobayashi, director general of the Division of Yamaha Pro Audio, said "combining processing Yamaha signals and acoustic technologies and amplification of Yamaha with invaluable knowledge and experience in the design of link speakers, we have not only expanded our ranges of professional active speakers that we have also made a significant contribution to our general portfolio of professional sound solutions".

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By • 20 Jan, 2012
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