smartycontent has chosen online video platform Brightcove Video Cloud for development and management of i_smarty, your player multimedia content that enables supply all online media channel integrated communication high playback quality and content catalog and multiple category types: videos, music, television, interactive applications and integrated monetization formulas ..

Brightcove, The company's cloud content services, today announced that smartycontent He has chosen its online video platform Brightcove Video Cloud for development and management of i_smarty, its multimedia player (video and audio).
smartycontent is the great aggregator of multimedia communication, which has been launched with the aim of responding to shared by all players in the audiovisual communication through the Web needs. The company has revolutionized the digital environment, started its activity with more than 7,000 video content and an audience of 12 million unique users.

Brightcove Video Cloud will allow smartycontent expand its product catalog, thanks to the possibilities of creating sophisticated custom applications and video experiences through the set of technological tools Video Cloud (APIs, BEML, SDKs, etc.).
Jesús Aldana, CEO of smartycontent, said that "to build a project like smartycontent not only needed the best technology in multimedia systems reproduction and distribution of content through digital media, but a global partner that gives us an extra asset in the form of effective cooperation. "

“El acuerdo tiene el objeto de hacer cierta la filosofía de nuestra empresa de crear soluciones útiles, flexibles y adaptadas a todas las necesidades de proveedores de contenidos, anunciantes y editores digitales, además de garantizarnos una expansión segura hacia cualquier continente gracias al alcance global de las soluciones de Brightcove”, ha remarcado Aldana. “En este sentido, Brightcove tiene la capacidad para dar respuesta a las necesidades tecnológicas de desarrollo e innovación de smartycontent, así como para ofrecer flexibilidad y adaptación para asegurar que nuestros productos se integran sin problemas”.

The supply of smartycontent targets both large companies and SMEs and e-commerce companies. It also has business solutions oriented multimedia advertising, editorial content and offer online sales. Its main objective is to provide a new medium-oriented business model sustainable audiovisual communication, free distribution and profitable for all parties involved.

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By • 24 Jan, 2012
• Section: Dynamic advertising

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