The presenter Andreu Buenafuente returned to the Catalan regional television with a special program, 'as goes life?' in which the showman trying to cope with the large questions of the human condition to the problems of life together with Eduard Punset. In a concept of realization of new generation, the dish illustrated conversation between Buenafuente and Punset projections using the mapping done by the Design Studio and multimedia communication Tigrelab.

In November 2011, TV3 made a series of two very special interviews with scientist and popularizer Eduard Punset and the presenter and comedian Andreu Buenafuente. A program in which had put great expectations and resources, and in which the actors chatted about issues of everyday life, while projected a mapping of almost 100 m2.

Tigrelab He was elected for the development of the projected in this live set contents, immersive audiovisual 24 by 3.5 meters high wall. This reagent and changing stage allowed the protagonists be conversing comfortably and move, without leaving your site, a modern library, a building in New York or stay wrapped in a futuristic mesh code...

Words like love, brain, city, future, were the basis of a production that should accompany a live conversation. 20 different areas were carried out. The program is issued in deferred but is recorded as a direct, leaving that Buenafuente and Punset speak freely while the filmmaker them transported by them images and according to the content.

Tigrelab proposed a background audio-reactive which was developed by WeLoveCode in Processing. A system sensitive to the words of the protagonists, making that the image be changed with his words, opening new fields in the interactive scenography for TV. The image is divided into two parts, connected to the two channel stereo (Left-Right), which correspond to each of the personal microphones of the protagonists.

Management flexible
Technical area
It conducted Assembly of projection and the video mapping management systems using 3 projectors Barco FLM 20 K HD high luminous performance and its low level of noise, very important factor on a television set.

The main novelty of this mapping resided in the operator could manage in real time the release of each of the videos. This provides full control of content, adapting the projection of images at the right moment that requires the director. It is therefore a non-linear projection that serves the speech. This flexibility was achieved thanks to WatchOut 5, which manages both the content (videos, photos, external inputs), such as projectors and geometry program.

The program was a success, achieving each of the two chapters an audience of 22.5% and very good reviews in the press and media.

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By • 25 Jan, 2012
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