Axis Communications has added to its catalogue the latest version of your processor on a chip Artpec-4 for video products that significantly increases the quality of the images and the performance of video analytics applications.

Axis Communications It has announced its new processor, called Artpec-4, developed by the r & d of the company. This latest version of its "system on a chip" for network video products allows to significantly increase the quality of the images, as well as the performance of content analysis applications in the video for IP video cameras and Axis video encoders.

The new Artpec-4 processor is designed to deliver video streams with improvements in noise reduction and increased sensitivity to light, in order to provide sharper images of moving objects. This chip is a key element for the party most of the "Lightfinder" technology, among others, which allows the cameras 'view in color' clearly in dimly lit and dark environments. The Lightfinder technology has been included in the Axis Q1602 network camera, currently the most sensitive in light of the market.

"The development of Artpec-4 reaffirms the importance of our internal development to consolidate our position of leadership in the technology area. This new processor allows you to improve the quality of the images and build systems easier to use, which expand the possibilities of application of IP video solutions and incorporating new advanced features", says Juan Luis Brizuela, Director of business development, of Axis Communications Southerneurope.

In this new processor has been optimized H.264 format compression capacity. The new Artpec-4 supports multiple video streams in formats of H.264 and Motion JPEG compression which, moreover, can be configured individually in terms of resolution and the number of images per second. This improvement translates into better images in HDTV, an increased flexibility and a reduction of the costs associated with storage and the network.

Thanks to a more powerful and its coprocessor for accelerating video analytics applications CPU, the new ARTPEC-4 offers more processing power for applications of intelligent video analysis. This is particularly beneficial for applications running directly into the camera through Axis Camera Application Platform, which facilitates the implementation of scalable systems analysis and distributed video surveillance video.

Since the migration of analog video systems to digital systems or IP video is accelerating, video encoders are also generating interest by many users of analogue systems. For this reason Artpec-4 incorporates improvements in the areas of des-entrelazado and video on a single-chip multi-channel ports, which reduces the cost per port in video encoders and enables cheaper multi-channel video coding products.

Artpec-4 is optimized for network cameras and Axis Communications video encoders and complements our current catalog of processors from the company, which also includes the first processor for network capable HDTV, Artpec-3 cameras.

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By • 26 Jan, 2012
• Section: Security

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