Alcatel Phones, specialist in fixed and wireless telephony for businesses and individuals, has brought to the market Temporis IP80, a video intercom intuitive IP and solution performance to achieve greater security.

Alcatel Phones expands offering with the introduction and launch of the video door phone IP, Alcatel Temporis IP80, a solution of access control to the facilities of the company, which provides greater security and through an intuitive system, without complications. Temporis IP80 is available for a suggested price of 649 euros.

New video door station uses the network of the enterprise IP telephony and installs easily and quickly because it is compatible with most PaBX IP PBX or in way Peer to Peer. In addition, the Temporis Pop Up software, provided with the product, allows to manage control equipment through a computer. In this way, it is possible to see people wanting to enter and communicate with them. For this purpose, this device has an IP camera with LEDs that provide a perfect night vision, mara ensure safety at any time. A WiFi connection can be used for installation or cpl to avoid the use of cables.

El nuevo vídeo portero VoIP propuesto por Alcatel Phones, es compatible con PaBX o en modo autónomo (P2P), cuenta con soporte de red IPv4 y NTP, puede controlarse desde el ordenador o un teléfono, como el modelo Alcatel Temporis IP. Dispone de Vídeo streaming: HTTP JPG, HTTP MJPG, H.263, H.264, RTSP y Códec audio G711u, G711a, G726, GSM y AEC (anulación de eco).

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By • 27 Jan, 2012
• Section: Security

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