Taking advantage of the bad moments that are living in Spain because of the crisis (or rather because of politicians), Coca-Cola has created 'The cashier of happiness', an ATM that gives you €100 on only one condition: spend them to share them with anyone and do some good act that will help others.


Following the wake of others machines vending that Coca-Cola has extruded to the street for make us it life more fun, this Christmas it brand of soft drinks has installed in Spain ' the cashier of it happiness ', a cashier that to simple view could seem the of a bank any, but nothing more away from it reality: is was of a cashier in which it people could remove free 100€ without need of card or requirement any all people had to do was accept the gift and "pledge" to share it. The machine gave some advice waiting for beneficiaries to use the money for a good deed.

La descripción que hacía la propia compañía de refrescos es elocuente: “En la misma época de la creación del banco malo nace el Cajero de la Felicidad. El primer cajero del que puedes sacar 100€ gratis, sin tarjeta. Con la única condición de que lo compartas”.

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By • 8 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Dynamic advertising

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